Next Generation Network Services - Technologiesand Strategies
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'Next Generation' refers to the new technologies and services that telecommunications operators will have at their disposal as they create new 3G networks where voice and data converge and which are based on packet switched rather than circuit switched telephony.
Providing a much needed overview of the latest communication technologies and describing the influences of the so-called "next generation" networks on telecommunication operators' environments, this text begins with a very brief history of telecommunications, and explains how the advent of the internet has changed the way people think about communications. The book is split into three parts:
1. Technologies: Describes the different technologies that are influencing the change from circuit switched to packet switched telephony. Covers Media Gateway Control (MEGACO), application service provision, models for management, mobile and fixed technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line and GPRS.
2. Services: Explains the new services that are made possible by the new technologies, and how they improve on current services. This section also brings in important techniques from software engineering (such as application frameworks) and shows how they may be used to create flexible network architectures.
3. Going Forward: The effects of all the recent changes on the telecommunications operators, and how it is possible to capitalise on this. Roadmaps provide a picture of the state of the industry in six months, one year and three years' time.
* Presents overviews of all the new technologies and services, demonstrating how they interrelate
* Written by a consultant with a wide experience of installing networks, as well as advising on network strategies for companies including Marconi, BT, IPL, Mercury, BTCellnet and Cable & Wireless
* Coverage includes Internet connectivity, e-commerce, call centres, application service provision, UMTS, WAP, billing, security and directory enable networks
A leading edge reference resource for telecommunications network managers, network strategists and designers.



Part I: Technology.


Circuit Switched Technologies.

The Transmission Infrastructure.

Intelligent Networks.

Mobile Networks.

Packet Switched Technologies.

Access Technologies.

Voice and Data Convergence.

Representing Information.

Directories more than just Information Storage.

Part II: Services, Architectures and Applications.


Intelligent Network Services.

Call Centres.

Internet Based Services.

Bringing it all together- The New Network Architecture.

Part III: Implications.


Expectation and Realisation.

Reference and Further Reading.




"...both an overview of circuit- and packet-switched technologies, and a discussion of how services can be deployed in the resulting converged?networks." (IEEE Network, New Books & Multimedia Column, November 2002)