Protein Engineering: Principles and Practice
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PROTEIN ENGINEERING Principles and Practice


Proteins are involved in every aspect of life-structure, motion, catalysis, recognition and regulation. Protein Engineering: Principles and Practice provides a basic framework for understanding both proteins and protein engineering. This comprehensive book covers general, yet essential knowledge required for successful protein engineering, including everything from the fundamentals to modifying existing proteins and developing new proteins.

The book begins by introducing the main concepts of protein engineering, including: understanding protein conformation, comprehending the relationship between protein composition and structure, and potential methods for predicting a protein's conformation.

Other major subjects addressed are:
* Using different host cell expression systems to produce specific proteins
* Protein folding
* Structure and function of proteins in relation to drug design
* Construction of synthetic metal binding sites in proteins
* Manufacture of tissue plasminogen activator
* Generation of therapeutic antibodies

This broad range of topics provides a solid foundation in protein engineering and supplies readers with knowledge essential to the design and production of proteins.

Of primary interest to protein scientists-both students and researchers, in academia as well as industry-Protein Engineering is also extremely useful to chemical engineers, protein chemists, biochemists, and pharmaceutical chemists.


Jeffrey L. Cleland and Charles S. Craik are the authors of Protein Engineering: Principles and Practice, published by Wiley.


Partial table of contents:

Protein Conformation (F. Cohen & D. Hearst).

Predicting the Conformation of Proteins from Sequence Data (S. Benner).

Expression of Proteins in Bacteria (G. Georgiou).

Expression of Heterologous Gene Products in Yeast (S. Pichuantes, et al.).

Insect Cell Expression Technology (V. Luckow).

Protein Expression in Xenopus Oocytes (M. Marino).

Protein Engineering for Stability (S. Braxton).

Structure-Function Relationships for Protein Design (C. Gibbs).

Bacteriophage Display Libraries (J. Winter).

Engineering Therapeutic Antibodies (R. Kelley).

Site-Directed Drug Design (D. DeCamp, et al.).