Architecting Enterprise Solutions - Patterns forHigh-Capability Internet-based Systems
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More About This Title Architecting Enterprise Solutions - Patterns forHigh-Capability Internet-based Systems


  • A practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to architectural solutions that describes step-by-step how to design robustness and flexibility into an Internet-based system
  • Based on real-world problems and systems, and illustrated with a running case study
  • Enables software architects and project managers to ensure that nonfunctional requirements are met so that the system won't fall over, that it can be maintained and upgraded without being switched off, and that it can deal with security, scalability, and performance demands
  • Platform and vendor independence will empower architects to challenge product-dictated limitations


Paul Dyson has built large-scale internet-based systems for, Philips, and Interbrew, taking the role of application architect and designing both hardware and software architectures for the final solution and providing technical leadership to the development teams. He is a conference presenter and has chaired international events such as Europlop and OT.

Andy Longshaw specialises in J2EE, XML, Web-based technologies and components, particularly the design and architecture decisions. He is a trainer, writer, consultant and conference speaker.



An All-Too-Common Story.


Part 1 Architecture, Patterns and Internet Technology.

System Architecture.

Internet Technology Systems.

Architectural Patterns for Internet Technology Systems.

The GlobalTech System.

Part 2 The Patterns.

Fundamental Patterns.

System Performance Patterns.

System Control Patterns.

System Evolution Patterns.

Part 3 Application of the Patterns.

GlobalTech Revisited.

Appplying the Patterns.

Moving on from Here.

Appendix Reference Patterns.