Occupational Therapy in Housing - Building on Firm Foundations
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More About This Title Occupational Therapy in Housing - Building on Firm Foundations


This book provides practitioners with the foundations onto which they can build their own understanding and practice within housing.

It is based on two fundamental principles: the importance of homes becoming enabling environments, and promoting user-centred services. The authors argues that occupational therapists working in the distinct context of housing require additional background knowledge and professional skills to those used within healthcare settings.

  • Explores a broad range of theory bases and developing practice within the area of occupational therapy in housing
  • Presents a vast array of knowledge, research and experience
  • Written by occupational therapists working as practitioners, educators and managers, alongside academics in the social policy and disability issues


Sylvia Clutton, Consultant Occupational Therapist/Manual Handling Adviser, Personal Care Consultants, Chester, UK.

Jani Grisbrook, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, University of Southampton, UK.

Sue Pengelly, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, University of Wales, UK of Wales, UK.




Chapter 1: The theory bases (Jani Grisbrooke).

Chapter 2: The assessment process (Frances Heywood).

Chapter 3: The social model and clinical reasoning (Sue Pengelly).

Chapter 4: Housing: the user’s perspective (Sally French and John Swain).

Chapter 5: Conveying information through drawing (Peter Ashlee, Sylvia Clutton, Sue Pengelly and Jon Cowderoy).

Chapter 6: Access standards: evolution of inclusive housing (Paraig O’Brien).

Chapter 7: Housing adaptations and community care (Clare Picking).

Chapter 8: Ergonomics and housing (Carla Benedict, Samantha Pooley and Jani Grisbrooke).

Chapter 9: Evaluation for service users and service performance (Sue Pengelly and Andrew Winfield).

Chapter 10: Smart technology at home (Kathryn McNab).




"... publication provides the firm foundations to becoming the recommended first choice text for any occupational therapists interested in housing-related issues." (British Journal of Occupational Therapy, January 2007)