The Art of Videogames
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More About This Title The Art of Videogames


Grant Tavinor is a Lecturer in Philosophy at Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand. He has published articles on videogames in the journal Philosophy and Literature and has been playing videogames for as long as he can remember.



1 The New Art of Videogames.

2 What Are Videogames Anyway?

3 Videogames and Fiction.

4 Stepping into Fictional Worlds.

5 Games through Fiction.

6 Videogames and Narrative.

7 Emotion in Videogaming.

8 The Morality of Videogames.

9 Videogames as Art.





“As a new entertainment medium, videogaming has the power to engage intense, even obsessive attention. But are the other-worldly, imaginative experiences videogames provide authentic experiences of art? In this astute and compelling book, Grant Tavinor shows how videogaming marks a genuine advance in the history of artistic expression. No one interested in the future of aesthetics can afford to ignore The Art of Videogames.”
Denis Dutton, author of The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution

"Timely, sharp and thoroughly engaging. Equally informed by philosophy and gameplay, Tavinor makes a compelling case that game-designers would profit from engaging with philosophical aesthetics and that philosophers who want to contribute to 21st century aesthetics would do well to buy a PS3."
Ian Ground, Senior Lecturer, University of Sunderland