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Classroom teachers often feel pressure to choose between using standards-based lessons and activities that engage their students' creativity and encourage personal expression. In Jump Write In!, however, the experienced writer-teachers from WritersCorps offer numerous exercises that do both: build key standards-based writing skills and give voice to youth.

Through poetry, fiction, personal narrative, and playwriting, students will improve their writing skills by being invited to put their truths on the page. Perfect for a moment of inspiration as well as for deeper exploration, these easy-to-use and field-tested activities engage students from a variety of ethnic, educational, and economic backgrounds and encourage the recognition that their voices matter. The book's eleven chapters include:

  • Dozens of exercises accompanied by teacher notes and suggestions.
  • Links to standards for each activity.
  • Examples of student work.
  • An overview of the writing process from icebreakers to editing.
  • Suggestions for further reading.
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WritersCorps helps low-income children and teens improve their literacy and communication skills through creative expression. Founded in 1994 with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, WritersCorps operates programs in San Francisco, Washington, DC, and The Bronx, NY.
In San Francisco, WritersCorps is a project of the San Francisco Arts Commission (www.writerscorps.org).

Editor Judith Tannenbaum, who has written widely on community arts and cultural democracy, serves as WritersCorps's training coordinator.

Valerie Chow Bush has edited four WritersCorps publications of student writing.


About the Book.

The Editors.

The Authors.


Curriculum and State Standards.



Chapter 1: Icebreakers and Opening Games.

Chapter 2: Writing in a Group.

Chapter 3: Poetry: A Primer.

Chapter 4: Art Attacks.

Chapter 5: Images.

Chapter 6: Sounds.

Chapter 7: Narrative.

Chapter 8: Point of View.

Chapter 9: Themes.

Chapter 10: Writing with Visual Art.

Chapter 11: Editing and Rewriting.




“This book provides powerful material for every teacher's toolbox.”
--Herbert Kohl, author, teacher, and director, the Institute for Social Justice and Education

“WritersCorps has proven, in a wide variety of educational settings, that language arts standards and creative expression can share the same page.”
--Claudia Anderson, principal, Ida B. Wells High School, San Francisco

"Armed with this workbook any teacher can be confident of tapping into the magical interiors of youth and bringing this magic to the outside world. This book made me want to race to the page!"
--Ruth Forman, poet

“Sharing great writing by students is the way to inspire learning. WritersCorps lessons help keep them coming back.”
--Dorothy Langlois, Ethnic and American Literature Teacher, San Francisco