Leading Beyond the Walls (from the New Drucker Foundation Wisdom to Action Series)
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More About This Title Leading Beyond the Walls (from the New Drucker Foundation Wisdom to Action Series)


"Beyond the walls is a battle cry that mobilizes . . . The walls that surround us, protect us, and embrace us can also inhibit movement, limit understanding, restrict engagement, and diminish our relevance in the wider world. I realized that my walls, and the walls of leaders everywhere, were not only the walls of current policy, practice, procedure, and assumption but also the walls of the past--safe, familiar, and secure. This recognition was just the first of several as we worked through a process to take ourselves and our organizations beyond the walls to new levels of performance and positive changes in the lives of people."
--from the Introduction by Frances Hesselbein
In Leading Beyond the Walls, twenty-nine great thinkers examine leaders adept at establishing partnerships, alliances, and networks both within and outside their organizations. They address the challenge of leading in an age when the old rules and conventional boundaries no longer exist. Peter F. Drucker, Stephen R. Covey, Peter M. Senge, Jim Collins, Noel Tichy, Regina E. Herzlinger, C.K. Prahalad, and Sally Helgesen are among those who explore new ways of building relationships, new approaches to strategy and marketing, new models of employee relations, and other innovations. Their essays herald a new world where success comes to those willing to move beyond the walls of tradition and inertia.
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FRANCES HESSELBEIN is chairman of the board of governors of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and editor in chief of its journal, Leader to Leader. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States of America's highest civilian honor, in 1998. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH is a founding director of Keilty, Goldsmith and Company, one of America's key providers of customized leadership development. He is also a cofounder of the Learning Network, an association of the world's top consultants. IAIN SOMERVILLE is a partner in Andersen Consulting, where he founded and led the Organization Strategy practice and Institute for Strategic Change-the firm's global "think tank." As a top management consultant and educator, he has for more than two decades served the world's leading private, public, and social sector organizations.


Introduction: The Community Beyond the Walls (F. Hesselbein).


The New Pluralism (P. Drucker).

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down (J. Collins).

Preparing for Leadership (C. Prahalad).

Leading the Distributed Organization (W. Bridges).

Dissolving Boundaries in the Era of Knowledge and Custom Work (S. Helgesen).

Decision Making Beyond the Boundaries (C. Roussel).


Leadership in Living Organizations (P. Senge).

Maximizing Creative Collaboration (D. Ulrich).

Culture Is the Key (R. Herzlinger).

Winning Commitment to Shared Goals (S. Sherman).

Leadership Beyond the Walls Begins with Leadership Within (E. Cohen & N. Tichy).


The Mind-Set and Skill-Set of a Leader (S. Covey).

New Competencies for Tomorrow's Global Leader (M. Goldsmith & C. Walt).

How to Foster Champions (R. Lynch).

Creating Success for Others (J. Belasco).

Leading Successful Change Initiatives (C. Cappy & R. Anthony).

The Four Cardinal Principles of Leadership (A. Gandhi).


Leading in a Leaderless World (I. Somerville & D. Mills).

Principles of Effective Collaboration (P. Waide).

Creating a Future We Wish to Inhabit (R. Harmon & M. Toomey).

Strategies for Win-Win Alliances (R. Spillett).

Building Civic Coalitions (R. Cavanagh).

New Models of Public Leadership (J. Nye).


"...well presented and worth reading..." (Long Range Planning)