Team Teaching and Learning in Adult Education (Issue 87: New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education-ACE)
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More About This Title Team Teaching and Learning in Adult Education (Issue 87: New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education-ACE)


This issue explores the many ways that team teaching enhances both teaching and learning and how it can be successfully incorporated into a variety of adult education contexts. The contributors show how team teaching can be used to increase both organizational and individual learning in a range of settings outside of a traditional classroom, for example, a recently deregulated public utility, a national literacy organization, and community-based settings such as Chicago's south side. They discuss how team teaching can be used in colleges and universities, describing specific strategies for administrators and teachers who want to integrate it into their curricula and classrooms. In addition, the coeditors share what they learned in teaming up to edit this issue, outlining a model for team teaching that can be applied by educators in all settings.

This is the 87th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education.


EISEN is director, workforce development, for the Connecticut Technology Council and the adjunct faculty at the University of Hartford, Saint Joseph College, and American International College. ELIZABETH J. TISDELL is associate professor in the Department of Adult and Continuing Education at National-Louis University in Chicago.


1. The Many Faces of Team Teaching and Learning: An Overview (Mary-Jane Eisen).

2. Creating and Maintaining Team-Taught Interdisciplinary General Education (Marcia Bundy Seabury, Karen A. Barrett).

3. Team Teaching in Adult Higher Education Classrooms: Toward Collaborative Knowledge Construction (Candace Harris, Anne N. C. Harvey).

4. This Isn't Kansas Anymore, Toto: Team Teaching Online (Gabriele Strohschen, Tom Heaney).

5. Working as a Learning Coach Team in Action Learning (Judy O'Neil, Sharon L. Lamm).

6. Volunteer Trainer Development in Adult Literacy: Using a Team-Based Strategy to Negotiate National and Local Interests (D. Todd Evans, Jane M. Hugo).

7. Team Teaching and Learning in Diversity Training for National Service Programs (Viviana Aguilar, Ginlin Woo).

8. Co-Learning in the Community (Regina M. Curry, Phyllis Cunningham).

9. Team Teaching and Learning in Adult Education: From Negotiating Relationships to Implementing Learning Alternatives (Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Mary-Jane Eisen).