The Principal's Guide to Winning Grants
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Today's public and private schools can no longer rely ontraditional sources of funding to fulfill their educational goals.Although grants have become increasingly popular alternatives forfinancial support, principals and their staff must face stiffcompetition for these limited sources. This practical, step-by-stepguide is for principals who want to improve their chances ofwinning grants for their schools.

As administrative leaders, principals are in a pivotal position tomotivate teachers, parents, and volunteers in the grantseekingprocess. This guide provides principals with techniques formobilizing school staff, coordinating community support, developingwinning proposals, constructing realistic plans and budgets, andsuccessfully implementing those grants that have been awarded.David Bauer is not only an educator and former administrator but anoted expert in grantseeking and fund-raising. He draws from hisextensive experience to share useful strategies as well asresources, including worksheets, forms, sample proposal formats,and checklists to measure progress. The grants marketplace can be atremAndous resource for schools who know their way around. Thisguide helps empower schools and their leaders in resolving theirfunding problems.


DAVID G. BAUER is president of David G. Bauer Associates, a consulting firm that provides educationally based grantseeking and fund-raising seminars and materials. An acknowledged grants expert and popular lecturer, Bauer is the author and developer of several books, videotape series, and software programs on grantseeking and fund-raising.


1. The Principal's Role in Supporting Grantseeking.

2. Setting Up a Proactive Grants System in Your School.

3. Getting Ready: Assessing Needs, Establishing Goals, andDeveloping Solutions.

4. The Grants Marketplace: What a Principal Needs to Know.

5. Finding the Best Funders: Matching Projects to Grantors.

6. Strategies for Contacting Prospective Grantors.

7. Putting the Proposal Together: Developing a Strategy, Plan, andBudget.

8. Preparing Federal Grant Proposals for Your School.

9. Improving and Submitting Your School's Federal GrantProposal.

10. Developing Foundation and Corporate Grants Support for YourSchool.

11. Improving and Submitting Your School's Foundation/CorporateProposal.

12. The Decision: Contacting Grantors and Dealing withSuccess/Rejection.

13. The Principal's Role in Administering Grant Funds.


"David Bauer offers the inexperienced administrator very clear,concise, nonthreatening assistance." (Philip S. Boggio,superintendent, The DePaul Institute, Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania)

"Grantwriting is becoming mandatory for schools seeking alternativefunding. This is a most helpful and insightful book for all schooladministrators." (Alicia Boyko, director of community education,West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District, New Jersey)

"Much like David Bauer's presentations, this book is practical,interesting, informative . . . just plain terrific!" (Mary BethFetchko, coordinator for government, corporate and foundationrelations, La Roche College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)