The Logic of the Spirit: Human Development in Theological Perspective
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More About This Title The Logic of the Spirit: Human Development in Theological Perspective


Those . . . prepared to grapple with science, social science, andChristian theology, will find [this book] important,thought-provoking, and rewarding.
?Sharon Daloz Parks, Whidbey Institute

In this deep and enlightening discussion, psychologist, andtheologian James E. Loder demonstrates how a theologicalperspective enlarges our understanding of how humans grow anddevelop from birth through the life span. Loder examines theintimate relationship between human nature and the divine andprovides moving case studies, bringing the work of psychologistsFreud, Erikson, and Piaget to that of seminal Christian theologiansKierkegaard, Barth, Torrance, and Pannenberg.

Loder acknowledges that psychological stage theories enable us tounderstand the logic of humans' evolving relationship with theworld and with God. At the same time, he demonstrates that thedivine spirit has a logic of its own, which is not bound by stages.Seminarians, theologians, ministers, and pastoral counselors willbenefit from this rich, thought-provoking guide.

James E. Loder is the Mary D. Synnott Professor of the Philosophyof Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary and authorof The Transforming Moment and coauthor of The Knight's Move.


JAMES E. LODER is the Mary D. Synnott Professor of the Philosophy of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary and author of The Transforming Moment and coauthor of The Knight's Move.



What is a Lifetime, and Why Do I Live It?

Examining the Relationality Between Human Spirit and theDivine.

Human Development Reenvisioned: The Case of Helen.

THE TRIUMPH OF NEGATION.Infancy in Theological Perspective: TheSpirit's Confrontation with Nothingness.


The Toddler: Conformity and the Root of Human Freedom.

The Oedipal Child: Sex, Death, and the Origin of Worship.

The School-Aged Child: Work and the Ambiguity of Achievement.


Adolescence in Psychological Perspective: Five Axes of YouthIdentity.

Adolescence in Theological Perspective: Coming into the Presence ofGod.

Young Adulthood: Risking Identity in the Service of Love.

The Middle Years: Ego Transitions and Transfigurations of theSoul.

Beyond 65: Dreaming Dreams and Talking With God.


"A truly wonderful book. Loder brings together-in a veryilluminating and profound way-the bearing of the Holy Spirit uponthe human spirit. I hope that every seminary will make this book anabsolute must for all students." (Thomas F. Torrance, emeritusprofessor of Christian dogmatics, University of Edinburgh,Scotland)

"James Loder combines an uncommon intelligence with the compassionof an extraordinary therapist. Those . . . prepared to grapple withscience, social science, and Christian theology, will find [thisbook] important, thought-provoking, and rewarding." (Sharon DalozParks, Whidbey Institute, co-author, Common Fire: Leading Lives ofCommitment in a Complex World)

"A masterful interdisciplinary work. . . an insightful and engagingcontribution for reflective practitioners in . . . fields concernedwith formation and transformation, such as Christian education,counseling, mentoring, youth ministry, and spiritual direction."(Daniel S. Schipani, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)

"In a profound and unique synthesis of postmodern science andtheology, Jim Loder shows how the creative power of the humanspirit can reconstruct and transform the self, once the humanspirit discovers the true ?ground' in the Holy Spirit." (John S.McClure, professor of homiletics, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary,Louisville, Kentucky)