Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons behind RE/MAX
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Phil Harkins is CEO of Linkage, Inc., a consulting company that has worked with Dave Liniger of RE/MAX.  In his own consulting and executive coaching work, Phil focuses on senior leaders and leadership teams at the top.  His clients include senior executives and teams at prudential, Kraft, Ralston Purina, Morgan Stanley, American Express and numerous other Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  He has written several books, including Powerful Conversations: How High-Impact Leaders Communicate (McGraw-Hill, 1999).  He has also authored over twenty articles for magazines and journals.  Harkins speaks frequently on these topics at public and in-house conferences, seminars, and programs around the globe.

Keith Hollihan has co-authored 6 full-length non-fiction business / leadership books, including the Wall Street Journal highly recommended selection, Beating The Business Cycle by Lakshman Achuthan & Anirvan Banerji (Crown / Doubleday 2004). He has also written dozens of articles for a wide range of leadership experts including such notable figures as C.K. Prahalad, David Gergen, Ken Blanchard, Noel Tichy, Marshall Goldsmith Michael Hammer and Sally Helgesen. He is an editor of the forthcoming Leadership Lessons: 50 Top Coaches Reveal Their Secrets (Jossey-Bass, December 2004) and Enlightened Power: Women Changing the Path to Leadership (Jossey-Bass, February 2005).





Chapter 1. The Radical reward-Sharing Idea That Overturned an Industry.

Chapter 2. Anybody Who Said "Yes".

Chapter 3. What Business Are We Really In?

Chapter 4. One Log Makes a Lousy Fire.

Chapter 5. Shackleton Leadership.

Chapter 6. Eagles Don't Flock.

Chapter 7. Creating a Pace-Line Project Culture.

Chapter 8. Soaring Above the Crowd.

Chapter 9. The Research Study.

Research Results.

The Real Estate Industry.

Recommended Reading.