Process Improvement and Quality Management in the Retail Industry
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More About This Title Process Improvement and Quality Management in the Retail Industry


The authors of Process Improvement and Quality Management in the Retail Industry discuss quality management through the examination of several companies that won the esteemed Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Authors George, Thomas, and Weimerskirch believe that Baldrige criteria define a management model because they provide one of the most comprehensive guides to understanding, assessing, controlling, and improving an organization for quality management. The authors also discuss many of the business-related problems of modern times, such as financial scandals, controversial social activism morale, and the impact of outsourcing to other countries. Overall, the book stresses the importance of good quality management to a company's success.


STEPHEN GEORGE is a writer and consultant from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He has consulted with eleven companies that have applied for the Baldrige Award and/or State Quality Awards, five of which have won eight awards, including three Baldrige Awards. He is the author of The Baldrige Quality System,Uncommon Sense, and Total Quality Management: Strategies and Techniques Proven at Today's Most Successful Companiesn all published by Wiley.

CHRIS THOMAS is a professional writer. This is her sixth?textbook for John Wiley?& Sons.

ARNOLD WEIMERSKIRCH is Vice President of Corporate Quality at Honeywell, Inc. and former chairman of the panel of judges for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. He holds BS and MS engineering degrees from the University of Minnesota.



Chapter 1: Total Quality—An Overview.

Chapter 2: Leadership.

Chapter 3: Customer Focus.

Chapter 4: Effective Management.

Chapter 5: Training.

Chapter 6: Employee Loyalty.

Chapter 7: Customer Contacts.

Chapter 8: Design of Products and Services.

Chapter 9: Managing Processes and Suppliers.

Chapter 10: Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship.

Chapter 11: Data Collection and Benchmarking.

Chapter 12: System Assessments.