The Making of Dr. Phil: The Straight-Talking TrueStory of Everyone's Favorite Therapist
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More About This Title The Making of Dr. Phil: The Straight-Talking TrueStory of Everyone's Favorite Therapist


The first biography of Dr. Phil McGraw and his rise to fame
Millions look to Dr. Phil for advice on everything from relationships to life. But Dr. Phil is more than just a pop psychologist. He's also an amazing businessman who has started and run a number of flourishing ventures. In The Making of Dr. Phil, award-winning journalists Sophia Dembling and Lisa Gutierrez take readers inside the world of Dr. Phil and his media and self-help empire. From his early days as a young athlete and student pilot, to his failed first marriage and decision to study psychology, The Making of Dr. Phil captures the courageous rise of one of today's most well-known celebrities. Full of exclusive interviews, this comprehensive portrait explores Dr. Phil's true motivations and inner drives. It also reveals the full dimension of his personality, beyond the "down-home doc" image portrayed in his books and on television. The Making of Dr. Phil offers a rare inside look at the real Dr. Phil McGraw and provides a firsthand account of how he became such a huge success.
Sophia Dembling (Dallas, TX) is a veteran journalist and former reporter for the Dallas Morning News. She was recently featured on the Dr. Phil: E! True Hollywood Story and will also appear on the upcoming A&E Biography on Dr. Phil. Lisa Gutierrez (Overland Park, KS) is an award-winning journalist. She obtained the first exclusive interview with Dr. Phil's first wife, and her reporting on Dr. Phil has appeared in numerous newspapers around the world.


SOPHIA DEMBLING is a veteran reporter based in Dr. Phil's hometown of Dallas, Texas. She spent more than a decade as a staff writer and editor at the Dallas Morning News. The author of The Yankee Chick's Survival Guide to Texas, Dembling was featured in documentaries about Dr. Phil on both A&E and E! Entertainment Television. She has appeared on TV and radio stations around the world, and has written for many publications.

LISA GUTIERREZ is an award-winning journalist who has been recognized for her investigative reporting by the Associated Press, National Newspaper Association, and Gannett. Now a features writer for the Kansas City Star, Gutierrez specializes in pop culture and celebrities. Her reporting on Dr. Phil has appeared in newspapers around the world.



1. Learning to Fly.

2. Like Father, Like Son.

3. Big Man on Campus.

4. Tackling the Rough Times.

5. Let's Make a Deal.

6. Studying Psychology.

7. Licensed to Phil.

8. From the Couch to the Courtroom.

9. Oprah Comes Calling.

10. Becoming a Bestseller.

11. Ready for the Spotlight.

12. The Dr. Phil Show.

13. Mass-Marketing Tough Talk.

14. A Perfect Marriage.

15. The Son Also Rises.

16. Quick-Draw McGraw.

17. Enjoying Celebrity.

18. Dr. Phil's Life Laws for Success.

Significant Events in Dr. Phil's Life.


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