Practical Statistics for Nursing & Health Care
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More About This Title Practical Statistics for Nursing & Health Care


Nursing is a growing area of higher education, in which anintroduction to statistics is an essential component. There iscurrently a gap in the market for a 'user-friendly' book which iscontextulised and targeted for nursing. Practical Statistics forNursing and Health Care introduces statistical techniques in such away that readers will easily grasp the fundamentals to enable themto gain the confidence and understanding to perform their ownanalysis. It also provides sufficient advice in areas such asclinical trials and epidemiology to enable the reader to criticallyappraise work published in journals such as the Lancet and BritishMedical Journal.
* Covers all basic statistical concepts and tests
* Is user-friendly - avoids excessive jargon
* Includes relevant examples for nurses, including case studies anddata sets
* Provides information on further reading
* Starts from first principles and progresses step by step
* Includes 'advice on' sections for all of the tests described


Jim Fowler is a lecturer with the Department of Biological Sciences at De Montfort University in Scraptoft, Leicester, UK.

Phil Jarvis is a consultant statistician for Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals in the UK.



Health Care Investigations: Measurement and Sampling Concepts

Processing Data

Presenting Data

Clinical Trials

Introduction to Epidemiology

Measuring the Average

Measuring Variability

Probability and the Normal Curve

How Good are our Estimates?

The Basis of Statistical Testing

Analysing Frequencies

Measuring Correlations

Regression Analysis

Comparing Averages

Analysis of Variance -





"The language is friendly and puts the reader at ease ....This bookprovides comprehensive coverage of an area that is important to allhealth care professionals. (Nursing Times, 28 March 2002)

"...a plain English facilitate bothlearning and reference..." (Nurse Education Today, No.23,2003)

"...helpful in enabling nurses to appraise empirical researchand utilise research in their practice..." (Primary Health Care,October 2003)

"...provides clear explanations of the statistical concepts andillustrates these using relevant nursing scenarios..." (PracticeNurse, Friday 16 January, 2004)

"...provides a basic foundation of statistics...good resourcefor nurses...very user friendly..." (Oncology Nursing Forum, Vol31(2), 2004)