Nutrition in Early Life
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The publication of the Department of Health White Paper "The Health of the Nation" (1992) and more recently "Our Healthier Nation" (1998) gave emphasis to the importance of nutritional health of the nation at all ages. It is clear that the achievement of specific targets for pregnancy and infancy as set out in the White Paper will involve the training of all health care professionals in nutrition education. This book responds to the challenge and focuses on good nutrition for and during pregnancy, in low birth-weight infants, and during infancy. It has a strong public health emphasis, dealing with health prevention issues for the Nation's younger population.

The text is written as a scientific reference book for those seeking to apply science in the support of a successful pregnancy and in the prevention of nutritional problems during foetal and early post-natal life. The importance of optimal nutrition during these periods of life is emphasised by the overwhelming evidence that nutritional problems in early embryonic life may cause congenital malformations and during late foetal life and early post natal life may set the molecular programme for later disease development.


Growth, development and body composition (Dickerson).

Pre- and periconceptual nutrition (Coad).

Maternal physiology and nutrition (Forsum).

Physiological and nutritional aspects of the placenta (Symonds, Budge and Stephenson).

Lifestyle and maternal health interactions between mother and foetus (Ibrahim and Forsyth).

The foetus at birth: maternal and foetal preparations for postnatal development (McNabb).

Foetal, infant and childhood growth and adult health (Godfrey and Barker).

Nutrition in infancy (Wever and Prentice).

Complementary feeding for the full-term infant (Sritharan and Morgan).

Nutrition of the low-birth-weight and very-low-birth-weight infant (King and Harrison).

Nutrition in childhood (Poskitt).,

Practical advice on food and nutrition for the mother, infant and child (Lawson).



"…it will be indispensable to all those involved in this area of nutrition…" (Dietetics Today, March 2003)

"...Would I recommend it? Oh yes: it should be read or consulted by all whose research or clinical practice involves growth and nutrition in early life." (Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, May 2003)

"...this book will also provide a fascinating and valuable resource for all healthcare professionals working in the fields of maternal and infant nutrition" (Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, No.6, 2003)