Mission-Based Management, Second Edition: An Organizational Development Workbook
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FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE "BEST NEW NONPROFIT BOOK"!-The Alliance forNonprofit Management

This practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-use workbook provideskey tools to help managers of nonprofits ensure that theirorganization pursues its mission, meets the changing needs of thecommunity-and has enough money to make ends meet-while alsosatisfying the demands of funders, clientele, boards, staff, andbankers. Designed to equip nonprofit managers and other nonprofitworkers with the guidance they need to do their jobs and run theirorganizations more effectively and efficiently, this workbook isalso a hands-on tool to help implement the ideas in the author'shighly regarded Mission-Based Management. Filled with indispensablechecklists, worksheets, forms, displays, and hands-on suggestions,and including a companion CD-ROM, the Workbook will show you how tosmoothly and successfully:
* Hone your organization's core competencies
* Focus your resources
* Improve overall mission capability
* Get the most out of group discussions
* Utilize self-assessment tools

... and much more to help you and all involved help yourorganization achieve its mission


PETER C. BRINCKERHOFF is an internationally renowned trainer,author, and consultant to not-for-profit organizations. He bringsyears of experience in the field to his work, as he is a formerboard member of local, state, and national not-for-profits and hasworked on the staff and as executive director of two regionalnot-for-profits. Since founding his consulting firm, CorporateAlternatives, in 1982, Mr. Brinckerhoff has helped thousands oforganizations become more mission-capable.

Peter is the author of the award-winning books Mission-BasedManagement and Financial Empowerment as well as Mission-BasedMarketing, Faith-Based Management, and Social Entrepreneurship, allpublished by Wiley. Peter's books are used as texts inundergraduate and graduate programs in not-for-profit management atover 60 colleges and universities.

A former VISTA volunteer, Peter received his bachelor of artsdegree from the University of Pennsylvania and his master's degreein public health administration from Tulane University. He lives inSpringfield, Illinois, with his wife and three children.


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Introduction: How to Get the Most out of this Workbook.

Leading Group Discussions: A Primer.

Benchmarking Your Organization: A Baseline Self-AssessmentTool.

The Mission Is the Reason.

A Businesslike Board of Directors.

Managing Your People.

The Wired Not-for-Profit.

Creating the Social Entrepreneur.

Developing a Bias for Marketing.

Financial Empowerment.

A Vision for the Future.

Controls That Set You Free.

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