Teresa Weatherspoon's Basketball for Girls
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Great news for the millions of young hoopsters dreaming of somedayrunning with the pros: two-time Olympian and professional starTeresa Weatherspoon is sharing all of her basketball secrets! Inthis fun and informative book, not only will you get the insidescoop on passing, dribbling, defending, shooting, and all the rulesof the game, you'll also learn why Spoon believes thatunselfishness, hard work, and a positive attitude are as valuableas technical skill.

With tons of instructional photos and heaping "Spoon"-fuls ofinspiration, personal history, and inside tips, TeresaWeatherspoon's Basketball for Girls delivers all the goods. In notime, you'll be tearing up the courts, burning up the nets, andshowing how it's really done!


TERESA WEATHERSPOON is one of the top stars in the WNBA. Named theWNBA Defensive Player of the Year in both 1997 and 1998, Teresa isthe point guard and captain for the New York Liberty. She was ontwo U.S. Olympic teams, winning a gold and a bronze medal, and alsoplayed professionally in Italy and Russia.

TARA SULLIVAN covers basketball and football as a staff writer atthe Bergen Record in New Jersey.

KELLY WHITESIDE is a staff writer at Newsday, covering football andwomen's sports.


Before You Start.



Shooting and Individual Offense.


Individual Defense.

What Makes a Team Player.

Team Offense.

Team Defense.