Large Quantity Recipes, 4th Edition
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Practical, scalable recipes designed to reliably feed a crowd

Large Quantity Recipes, 4th Edition, offers food service kitchens a repository of reliable recipes designed specifically for larger-scale production. Over 1,000 recipes designed to serve 50 or more are laid out for efficiency, with weights and volumes provided side-by-side along with pan measurements and references to equipment commonly found in commercial kitchens. Covering all courses including breads, meat, seafood, salads, desserts, cocktails and more, this invaluable resource facilitates menu planning at a variety of cost levels, reducing the need for substitution or scaling.


About the authors Margaret E. Terrell, D.Sc., Professor Emeritus, was a Professor of Home Economics and Director of the Administrative Dietetic Internship at the University of Washington for 42 years. She was also the owner of the Persian Dining Room and Terrell Dining Service, which operated the concessions at several industrial foodservice facilities, including American Can Company, Safeco Insurance Company, and Fisher Flouring Mills. She has written numerous articles and is the author of Professional Food Preparation; For Goodness Sake, Mary McCrank's Dinner House Recipes; and is co-author of Foodservice Planning: Layout and Equipment. Dorothea B. Headlund is a foodservice consultant. She has served as catering manager and food buyer for the University of Washington Dining Halls, and as supervisor of Terrell Dining Service. She also helped plan and organize the Safeco Insurance Company home office cafeteria. Ms. Headlund has over thirty years' experience in institutional and industrial foodservice, commercial restaurants, and clubs.



Beverages and Cocktails.


Cheese, Egg, Cereal, and Vegetable Entrees.





Sauces, Relishes, and Stuffings.

Salads and Salad Dressings.

Sandwiches and Canapes.

Cakes and Frostings.