Reality Rules: II Picturing the World in Mathematics--The Frontier
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More About This Title Reality Rules: II Picturing the World in Mathematics--The Frontier


"Casti Tours offers the most spectacular vistas of modern appliedmathematics."-- Nature

Mathematical modeling is about rules--the rules of reality. RealityRules explores the syntax and semantics of the language in whichthese rules are written, the language of mathematics. Characterizedby the clarity and vision typical of the author's previous books,Reality Rules is a window onto the competing dialects of thislanguage--in the form of mathematical models of real-worldphenomena--that researchers use today to frame their views ofreality.

Moving from the irreducible basics of modeling to the upper reachesof scientific and philosophical speculation, Volumes 1 and 2, TheFundamentals and The Frontier, are ideal complements, equallymatched in difficulty, yet unique in their coverage of issuescentral to the contemporary modeling of complex systems.

Engagingly written and handsomely illustrated, Reality Rules is afascinating journey into the conceptual underpinnings of realityitself, one that examines the major themes in dynamical systemtheory and modeling and the issues related to mathematical modelsin the broader contexts of science and philosophy. Far-reaching andfar-sighted, Reality Rules is destined to shape the insight andwork of students, researchers, and scholars in mathematics,science, and the social sciences for generations to come.

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1989 0-471-61842-X 493pp.


John L. Casti is a member of the faculty of the Santa Fe Institute and a professor at the Technical University of Vienna. He is the author of Alternate Realities, Paradigms Lost, Searching for Certainty, Complexification, and Five Golden Rules. Dr. Casti is the executive editor of Complexity, a journal published by John Wiley.


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