The Making of a Blockbuster: How Wayne Huizenga Built a Sports and Entertainment Empire from Trash,Grit, and Videotape
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More About This Title The Making of a Blockbuster: How Wayne Huizenga Built a Sports and Entertainment Empire from Trash,Grit, and Videotape


"The Making of a Blockbuster is an engrossing depiction of an outof nowhere, self-made American industrialist, Wayne Huizenga. Itcaptures with intensity the true grit and dynamic, unwaveringcharacter of a blockbuster personality and his rise to thiscountry's preeminent entrepreneur." -- Sumner Redstone Chairman ofthe Board, Viacom Inc.

"This is more than a book. It's a fantasy about a man with greatvision. A must read for anyone with dreams for their future." --Aaron Spelling Spelling Television Inc.

"I have always admired anyone who makes it on their own and Waynehas done that in a big time way while never forgetting where it allbegan. The whole story is between the covers of this fascinatingbook, The Making of a Blockbuster." -- Frank Gifford ABCSports

Despite all the media buzz surrounding Blockbuster video, littlehas been written about Wayne Huizenga, the charismatic man behindit all--until now. Here is the complete inside story of how thiscollege dropout-turned-garbage collector rose to become a corporatetitan. This eye-opening book reveals everything from Huizenga'sincredible transformation of 19 Blockbuster stores into a $4billion entertainment conglomerate to his successful entry into thesports arena as owner of the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, andthe Florida Panthers. Huizenga's winning combination of businessstrategies, management style, and vision is explained in thisbook--a fascinating testament to the power of true grit,seat-of-the-pants dealmaking, and sheer entrepreneurial genius. TheMaking of a Blockbuster is an enthralling read for all who followthe entertainment and sports industries, and business readers whowant to find out just how it's done.


GAIL DeGEORGE is the Miami bureau manager for BusinessWeek. She has covered a broad range of business topics and has written about H. Wayne Huizenga and Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. since 1990.


"One Man's Trash": Building a Garbage Kingdom.

Garbage into Gold: The Early Waste Management Years.

Waste Management: Regulatory Woes and Industry Triumphs.

Wayne's Companies After Waste Management: Toilets, Lawns, Bugs,and Water.

Video Venture: Taking Charge of Blockbuster.

Fast Forward: Building the Blockbuster Management Team.

Deal du Jour: Blockbuster Swallows Up the Competition.

Don't Hit Pause: Blockbuster in Turbulence.

Sports Inc.: Stadium Seats and a Baseball Team.

Sports Tycoon: Hockey, Football, and a Game Plan.

Viacom: The Deal from Hell.

After Blockbuster: What's Next.

Author's Notes.

Personal Interviews.