Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision
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Advance Praise for Louis Breger's FREUD
"Louis Breger's rich and readable study of Freud offers a thoughtfully complex account of a great but flawed man. Everyone with an interest in psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic movement will enjoy exploring, grappling with, arguing about, and learning from this absolutely fascinating book."-JUDITH VIORST, AUTHOR,
Necessary Losses and Imperfect Control "Written with brilliance and insight, Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision takes us on a daring, at times chilling, journey to the early years of psychoanalysis, revealing both the human weaknesses and the professional triumphs of its founder. . . . Cutting away the accretions of fabrication and romance cloaking Sigmund Freud, Breger has reinstated historical honesty to its rightful, high place, but the figure who emerges at the end of this breathlessly honest biography is quite as extraordinary as the legend concocted by Freud and perpetuated by his followers. Fresh, vigorous, and lucid."-PHILIP M. BROMBERG, Ph.D., CLINICAL PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY
"Louis Breger's fine new biography of Freud is a welcome contribution to the existing literature and a corrective to much of it. It is also one of the best intellectual histories of the origin and development of psychoanalysis I have read in recent years. Breger is to be commended for his original research, the objectivity of his views, and the elegance and grace of his writing."-DEIRDRE BAIR, NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER FOR Samuel Beckett AND AUTHOR OF A FORTHCOMING BIOGRAPHY OF CARL JUNG
"Finally, the Freud biography we have long been waiting for. With the history of Europe in the background, we follow with fascination Freud's journey from an impoverished childhood filled with losses to worldly fame, ending in exile in England. We come to understand the impact of Freud's difficult personality on the development of his brilliant as well as questionable theoretical ideas. Breger writes with compassion and fairness toward Freud as well as toward the many interesting personalities who cross his life, with their complicated relationships to the great man."-SOPHIE FREUD, FREUD'S GRANDDAUGHTER AND PROFESSOR EMERITUS OF SOCIAL WORK, SIMMONS COLLEGE
"Louis Breger's magnificent book is the definitive work on the personal psychology of Sigmund Freud. it brilliantly illuminates how the darkness in Freud's vision has affected psychoanalytic history. This book will be central for psychoanalytic scholarship for decades to come."-GEORGE E. ATWOOD, Ph.D., PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY


LOUIS BREGER is Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies, Emeritus, at the California Institute of Technology and founding President of the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. He has been a practicing psychotherapist/psychoanalyst for over thirty-five years and has published numerous scholarly articles and books dealing with dreams, personality development, literary interpretation, and psychoanalytic theory.



Introduction: "The Development of the Hero."


A Traumatic Infancy.

Childhood and Adolescence.

The Early Adult Years: Searching for an Identity.

Opening Up: Martha, Cocaine, Fleischl.

Jean-Martin Charcot: "The Napoleon of Neuroses."

Martha: "The Loss on an Illusion."


Josef Breuer and the Invention of Psychotherapy.

Breuer, Freud, and the Studies on Hysteria: 1886-1895.

The Break with Breuer.

Self-Analysis and the Invention of the Oedipus Complex.

The Interpretation of Dreams and the End of the Fliess Affair.

The Great Freud Emerges: 1899-1905.


The Psychoanalytic Movement: Images of War.

Alfred Adler: The First Dissident.

The King and His Knights: The Committee.

Carl Gustav Jung: The Favorite Son Expelled.

The First World War.

Trauma Revisited: The Neuroses of War.

Freud at Work: The Postwar Years.

Freud at Home.

Anna Freud: The Perfect Disciple.

Otto Rank: "I Was In Deepest of All."

"What Does a Woman Want?"

Sandor Ferenczi: The Wise Baby.

The Final Years.

Appendix: Psychoanalysis Interminable: Freud as a Therapist.

Background and Sources.