Effective Knowledge Management - A Best PracticeBlueprint
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Knowledge Management (KM) remains high on the critical business agenda. Using the proven CBI Fast Track blueprint format, this book explains sin simple and concise terms how you and your company can understand the critical issues of KM, create the right culture and conditions for effective knowledge transfer, incorporate technologies into your long-term KM strategy and accurately measure the benefits KM brings. Sultan Kermally is a highly-experienced practitioner who offers a clear, hands-on approach to a difficult-to-master topic.


Sultan Kermally is Principal Consultant with TSO Consulting, and has spent all his professional life in management education and management development and training. He is currently tutoring at the Open University Business School and advising Hawksmere PLC on their training, as well as working with FT Knowledge. At Management Centre Europe and as Senior Vice President and Director of the Economist Conferences at the EIU 1990-1998, Sultan spent considerable time working with many of the most well-known management gurus. He was also Associate Director of Harbridge Consulting Group and Director of Corporate Relations at London Business School. He holds an MA in Economics and Geography and is a Fellow of the CIM. He has published widely with leading business publishers.


Series Foreword (Digby Jones)

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Introduction: Managing Knowledge without Tears

Best Practice Transfer: A Business Imperative

Creating Organisational Knowledge of External Changes

The Importance of Managing Knowledge

Creating and Transferring Knowledge in Your Organisation: Focusing on Employees and Customers

Technology and Knowledge Management

The Leadership Factor and Knowledge Management

Knowledge, Intangible Assets and Superior Performance

Measuring Intangible Assets

Knowledge Management in Practice: Making a Start

A to Z of Managing Knowledge

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