Scaling Up Success: Lessons Learned from Technology-Based Educational Improvement
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More About This Title Scaling Up Success: Lessons Learned from Technology-Based Educational Improvement


Drawing from the information presented at conference sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology in Education Consortium, leading educators, researchers, and policymakers, Scaling Up Success translate, theory into practice and provide, a hands-on resource that clearly describes different models for “scaling up” success. This important resource is filled with illustrative examples of best practices that are grounded in real-life case studies of technology-based educational innovation¾from networking a failing school district in New Jersey to using computer visualization to teach scientific inquiry in Chicago. Scaling Up Success show how the lessons learned from technology-based educational innovation can be applied to other school improvement efforts.


Chris Dede is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

James P. Honan is a lecturer on education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Laurence C. Peters currently directs the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology in Education (MAR*TEC) based at Temple University, Philadelphia. Prior to taking this position, he was a senior education policy advisor for the U.S. Department of Education during the Clinton Administration.


Foreword (Ellen Condliffe Lagemann).


1. Moving from Successful Local Practice to Effective State Policy: Lessons from Union City (Fred Carrigg, Margaret Honey, Ron Thorpe).

2. Dewey Goes Digital: Scaling Up Constructivist Pedagogies and the Promise of New Technologies (Martha Stone Wiske, David Perkins).

3. Adapting Innovations to Particular Contexts of Use: A Collaborative Framework (Barry J. Fishman).

4. Designing for Scalable Educational Improvement: Processes of Inquiry in Practice (Susan R. Goldman).

5. Scaling Up Professional Development in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Chile (Laurence C. Peters).

6. Technology as Proteus: Digital Infrastructures That Empower Scaling Up (Chris Dede, Robert Nelson).

7. Scaling Up Data Use in Classrooms, Schools, and Districts (Sam Stringfield, Jeffrey C. Wayman, Mary E. Yakimowski-Srebnick).

8. Foundations for Success in the Great City Schools: Lessons from Some Faster-Improving Districts (Michael Casserly, Jason C. Snipes).

9. Scaling Up Technology-Based Educational Innovations (Barbara Means, William R. Penuel).

10. Critiquing and Improving the Use of Data from High-Stakes Tests with the Aid of Dynamic Statistics Software (Jere Confrey, Katie M. Makar).

11. Scaling Up Success: A Synthesis of Themes and Insights (Chris Dede, James P. Honan).

The Contributors.


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"Scaling Up Success tackles one of the greatest challenges facing school districts: How do we take successful programs and best practices serving a few classrooms or students and scale them up to serve schools throughout the district? Using innovations in technology as an example, the essays take a thoughtful and well-documented look at the issues facing districts and the ways in which scaling up can be accomplished. This book brings together some of the best education authors and researchers and provides a compelling study on how districts can scale up technology-based educational innovations as well as for how any innovation or policy might be spread to every student and school."
--Thomas W. Payzant, superintendent, Boston Public Schools

"A thoughtful and important update on the power and potential of information technology in education, and a must-read for anyone wondering if the computer revolution can and should make it to our nation’s classroom."
--Michael J. Feuer, executive director, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, The National Academics

"Scaling Up Success offers two important benefits. First, the authors provide very useful and interesting examples of technology-based innovations. Second, the authors’ discussions of the challenges involved in taking improvements to scale have relevance beyond technology."
--Susan Fuhrman, dean, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

"Scaling Up Success includes an impressive array of authors in one volume and provides key lessons learned on the reform scale up process, and on the transfer technological innovations in particular."
--Amanda Datnow, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California