The Indispensable Health Care Manager: Success Strategies for a Changing Environment
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More About This Title The Indispensable Health Care Manager: Success Strategies for a Changing Environment


Wendy Leebov is vice president, human resources, for Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia and founder and former president of The Einstein Consulting Group.
Gail Scott, educator and consultant, is president of Gail Scott & Associates, an international training and organizational development practice.




The Authors.

1 Beyond the Willing-and-Able Manager.

2 From Provider Orientation to Customer Obsession.

3 From Silo Thinking to Organizational Perspective.

4 From Directing to Coaching.

5 From Status Quo to Courage, Risk, and Change.

6 From Busyness to Results.

7 From Telling to Facilitating Dialogue.

8 From Protecting Turf to Building Relationships.

9 From Function Manager to Business Leader.

10 From Employee-as-Expendable to Employee-as-Precious.

11 From Pressure and Overwork to Balance and Perspective.

12 Becoming the Indispensable, Gratified Manager.




"Every manager who reads Leebov and Scott's book will walk away with real strategies and tools they can use immediately to be a better manager."
--Pamela Paulk, vice president, human resources, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins Health System

"Rare among the proliferation of leadership books today. The Indispensable Health Care Manager reflects genuine understanding of what it takes to engage people working in health care."
--Dr. Calvin Gordon, assistant physician-in-chief, The Permanente Medical Group

"Not only does this book identify the role shifts required of all levels of health care managers today, it also provides a set of tool kits to enable these shifts to occur."
--Dennis Vonderfecht, president and CEO, Mountain States Health Alliance

"This is a must-read book for front line managers (and those who aspire to such positions) in health care settings. The Indispensable Health Care Manager is no dusty theoretical tome but rather chock-full of practical, usable, real-world applications."
--Melvin F. Hall, CEO, Press, Ganey Associates, Inc.

Leebov and Scott's latest work proves once again that they have listened to and learned from their extensive work with health care managers. The tools, examples, and case studies are new, refreshing, and ready to be put into everyday use."
--Jacque Burandt, director, Staff Development and Human Resources Communications, University Health System

"This book will help health care managers reposition themselves as managers of relationships among the many tribes that compose the culture of health care."
--Ian G. Rawson, president, AmeriNet Central

"Wow! Leebov and Scott really get it. This book fills the health care leader's quiver with arrows that are so focused, practical and insightful, they are sure to be a bull's-eye."
--Todd C. Linden, president and CEO, Grinnell Regional Medical Center

"As always, Leebov and Scott provide tools and techniques that make their content come alive. Everyone will find something of use here-whether you are a new or seasoned manager."
--Judith Trachtenberg, director, Organizational Learning, New York Presbyterian Hospital