Financing Technology's Frontier: Decision-MakingModels for Investors and Advisors, 2nd Edition

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More About This Title Financing Technology's Frontier: Decision-MakingModels for Investors and Advisors, 2nd Edition


An indispensable resource for anyone interested in the future of emerging technology industries
Financing Technology's Frontier draws upon the experiences of today's most successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to provide investment professionals expert insight and powerful tools for identifying and capitalizing on the most promising high-tech and biotech opportunities. It also includes proven business models and many fascinating and instructive case studies that help entrepreneurs, CEOs and CFOs learn from the successes and setbacks of other companies in their sectors.
Richard Shanley (New York, NY) is a partner in the Health Services and New Media division at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.


Richard P. Shanley is a Partner in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu serving in the northeast region of their healthcare and life sciences industry practice. He has over twenty-seven years of diversified professional services experience, encompassing audits and public stock offerings for biotech, pharmaceutical, and high-tech companies. He has founded and led industry practice groups in both health sciences and new media, and is a recognized authority on financing for emerging growth companies.





About the Author.

Chapter 1. Sharing the Excitement of Discovery.

Chapter 2. Growth Models that Encourage Investment.

Chapter 3. Where to Find Capital—Part I: Venture Capital.

Chapter 4. Where to Find Capital—Part II: Public Markets and Private Placements.

Chapter 5. Creative and Alternative Financing Strategies.

Chapter 6. Strategic Alliances and Corporate Partnerships.

Chapter 7. Mergers and Acquisitions.

Chapter 8. Profiles of Corporate Partnerships.

Chapter 9. Tax Planning Strategies.

Chapter 10. How to Attract and Retain Quality Employees and Management Teams.

Chapter 11. Corporate Governance in a Post-Enron World.

Chapter 12. Biotechnology Beyond the U.S. Borders.

Chapter 13. Technology’s Future—The View from the Frontier.




“… a wealth of illustrative examples … should kickstart some fruitful thinking.” (Internet Works, May 2004)