The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook: Strategies and TradeSet-Ups
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More About This Title The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook: Strategies and TradeSet-Ups


A practical guide to trading the foreign exchange market

The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook offers a visual approach to learning specific trading strategies and identifying profitable trading opportunities in the Forex arena. Page by page, it skillfully describes strategies for long-term trading, swing trading, and day trading in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

Written by the author of the hugely successful Forex Patterns and Probabilities, The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook takes the entire concept of Forex education to a new level. The author raises the bar with this ambitious work, presenting fresh new strategies and concepts. Ponsi uses clever analogies and comparisons to make his explanations crystal clear.

With Ponsi as your "coach", the book employs sports analogies to show you, his players, the way to victory on the Forex playing fieldStrips away the mystery, showing exactly how successful Forex traders make moneyExplains complex financial concepts in ways that the average person can understandProvides not only useful information, but actionable information to the Forex trader

The foreign exchange market is the most actively traded market in the world, and Ed Ponsi is world-renowned as one of the foremost educators in this field. With The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook as your guide, you'll learn how to take advantage of the many opportunities found in the Forex arena.


Ed Ponsi is the President of As an experienced professional trader, he has advised hedge funds, institutional traders, and individuals of all levels of skill and experience. Ponsi has made numerous television appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, the BBC, Fox Business News, and ForexTV, and has been profiled in magazines such as Technical Analysis of Stocksand Commodities and Traders Journal. His dynamic and humorous style sets him apart from the "suit and tie crowd." Ponsi is also the author of Forex Patterns and Probabilities (Wiley), a top-selling book on currency trading, and has a popular DVD series, FXEducator: Forex Trading with Ed Ponsi.



PART I Training Camp.

CHAPTER 1 We Practice Like We Play.

A Series of Habits.

Rules to Live By.

From the Minors to the Majors.

Money on My Mind.

CHAPTER 2 The Playing Field.

Two of a Kind.

The Manager.

Under My Thumb.

The Coaching Staff.

A Team without a Manager.

Other Notable Currencies.

Commonly Traded Currency Pairs.

Other Notable Currency Pairs.

Who Decides?

Method to the Madness.

Spot and Futures Markets.

Let's Get Physical.

Continual Linked Settlement.

CHAPTER 3 Calculations and Standardizations.

Lot Size.

Pip Value.

Pip Calculation.

First Currency = 1.

Position: Long, Short, or Flat.

Long One, Short the Other.

The Chart Tracks the Base Currency.

Margin Requirements.


CHAPTER 4 Follow the Money.

Hot Stocks.

Small Scale.

Large Scale.

Hot Commodities.

Hot Real Estate.

Differentials Make the Difference.

"Mrs. Watanabe".

PART II Scoring Points.

CHAPTER 5 Using the U.S. Dollar Index.

Origin and History.

Making Money.



CHAPTER 6 Contrarian Indicators and the COT Report.

The Sucker at the Table.

Sifting Through the Newbies.

Commitment of Traders Report.

Commercials, Noncommercials, and Small Speculators.

Reportable vs. Nonreportable Positions.

Commercial Motivations.

Noncommercials vs. Small Speculators.


Against the Dollar.

A Relentless Pounding.

CHAPTER 7 The Power of Observation.

Explaining Trig to a 6-Year-Old.

Bad News, Good Reaction.

Running for Cover.

Bigger Than the News.

Capitalizing on Sentiment.

The First Clue.

Double Shot.

Betting the House.

The Prepared Mind.

CHAPTER 8 Other People's Money.

Account Management.

Limited Power.

"One and Twenty".

Small Potatoes.

Somewhat Larger Potatoes.


Room to Grow.

More Money, More Problems.

Good Help Is Hard to Find.

The Dark Side of Money Management.

Madoff Scheme?

Final Thoughts on OPM.

PART III Winning the Championship.

CHAPTER 9 The Easiest Points You’ll Ever Score.

Central Bank Intervention.

The Bank of Japan, 2004.

The Great Britain Pound, 1992.

The Reserve Bank of Australia, 2008.

The Russian Ruble, 2009.

CHAPTER 10 Hitting It for Six.

The Swiss National Bank, 2009.

Pumping the Peso.

A Second Chance.

A Third Chance.

A Fourth Chance.

No Excuses.

Teaching the Shorts a Lesson.

No Fixed Threshold.

The European Central Bank's Role.

A Fifth Chance.

The End of the Party.

Not Exactly Breaking the Bank.

Wrapping Up.

CHAPTER 11 How to Trade Like a Hedge Fund.

The Blind Leading the Blind.

The Gunslinger Mentality.

One Way to Emulate the Winners.

Reward and Punishment.

Perception of Changes in the Differential.

Two Sides to the Coin.

Another Possible Scenario.

All Good Things Must End.

CHAPTER 12 How to Trade Like a Rock Star.

Case Study: GBP/JPY Carry Trade.

FXEd and the Carry Trade.

You're Talking a Lot, But You're Not Saying Anything!

Technicals and Fundamentals Line Up Together.

Entry and Stop.

Trade Like a Rock Star.

Tightening Stops to Reduce Risk.

Eliminating Risk.

Staying in the Trade.

Jumping Ahead.

Always Tighten, Never Loosen.

Close Call.

Onward and Upward.

CNBC Appearances.

Pyramid Scheme.

Why We Do It This Way.

CHAPTER 13 Reach for the Sky.

EUR/USD 2008.

USD/CHF 2008.

NZD/USD 2009.

EUR/USD 2009.

S&P 500 1996–2007.

CHAPTER 14 Seeing into the Future.

Perpetuating the Cycle.

The Really, Really Good Part.

Future Projections.

Interest Rate Futures.

Fed Funds Futures.

The Weather Report.

Causing a STIR.

Projecting Interest Income.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst.

A "Columbo" Moment.

A Bad Haircut.

So Why Aren't You Doing It?

PART IV Commitment to Excellence.

CHAPTER 15 Purchasing Power Parity and the Big Mac Index.

Strange But True.

Greasy Transaction.

King of the World.

A Random Item.

Help Is on the Way.

Gustav Cassel.

Naked in a Parking Lot.

Time Horizon.

CHAPTER 16 "Should I Go Long the Lobster, or the Filet Mignon?"

Quantitative Easing.

Inverse Relationship.

The Downside of Quantitative Easing.


How to Lose Everything.

Your Money's No Good Here—Literally.

Yes, It Can Happen Here.

Here's How They Get You.


CHAPTER 17 Swaps and Spreads.

LIBOR Pains.

Greasing the Wheels.

The Dollar and the Yen.

The TED Spread.

Flight to Safety.

Somewhat Predictable.

Overnight Index Swap.

A Brilliant Idea.


The Spread.

CHAPTER 18 Alphabet Soup: The BIS, the IMF, and the OECD.

Bank of International Settlements.

Controversy and Conspiracy.

BIS Survey.

The IMF and the World Bank.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

PART V Staying in Shape.

CHAPTER 19 For Every Winner, a Loser?

Is Forex Trading a Zero-Sum Game?

A Winner and a Loser.

Other Trading Scenarios.

Closer to Zero-Sum.

Multiplayer, Infinite Games.

CHAPTER 20 Scam Avoidance Techniques.

Dishonest from the Word "Go".


CHAPTER 21 Fire the Manager!

The Fed Rides to the Rescue!

Here I Come to Save the Day!

Adding Insult to Injury.

A World Series Lesson.

Is the Fed Legal?


About the Author.