Gerald Ratner - The Rise and Fall... and RiseAgain
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More About This Title Gerald Ratner - The Rise and Fall... and RiseAgain


Gerald Ratner is a British household name. He joined the family business in 1966 at the age of 15 and went on to build up the UK's most successful chain of jewellers of which he was Chairman and Chief Executive. In 1992, 18 months after his infamous speech to the conference at the Institute of Directors, he was sacked and in 1994 the Ratner name was eliminated from the company. For four years he worked on and off as a consultant, before starting up a health club in Henley and eventually selling it. In 2004, Ratner set up an online jewellery business, GeraldOnline, after market research on brand recognition found that Ratners was still the most recognised name in jewellery retailing. Gerald Ratner has come full-circle and is enjoying success second time around. He is a married father of four and now a fitness fanatic, cycling around 30 miles per day.

Gerald worked with the author and journalist, Jo Monroe, on this book.




Chapter 1: Family Life.

Chapter 2: Growing Up.

Chapter 3: Toughening Up.

Chapter 4: The Family Business.

Chapter 5: Growing the Business.

Chapter 6: Going Public.

Chapter 7: The Home Front.

Chapter 8: Downturn.

Chapter 9: Taking Over.

Chapter 10: Turnaround.

Chapter 11: The Big Time.

Chapter 12: Trauma.

Chapter 13: Thatcher’s Decade.

Chapter 14: The Incredible Eighties.

Chapter 15: Going Global.

Chapter 16: Riding the Acquisitions Express.


Chapter 17: Welcome to the Nineties.

Chapter 18: An Invitation.

Chapter 19: That Speech.

Chapter 20: As Bad as it Gets.

Chapter 21: The End.

Chapter 22: The Wilderness.

Chapter 23: Out of the Frying Pan.


Chapter 24: Starting All Over Again.

Chapter 25: The Launch.

Chapter 26: Dotcom Millionaire.

Chapter 27: Thinking Big.

Chapter 28: What Goes Around.

The Speech.



"...[a] rollicking read" (Financial Times, Monday 29th October 2007)

"contains lessons for us all" (Management Today, November 2007)

"self-effacing, revealing and human."  (Financial Times, Wednesday 26th November 2007)

" is a compelling insight into retail history and the internal workings of a behemoth, international jewelry company."  (Idex Magazine - International Diamond Exchange, January 2008)

“His jewellery might have been “crap” but his book isn’t. This slim volume of memoirs is extremely readable...” (The Independent, Extra, Thu 13th March)

“a case study of how retailing nous shaped a winning formula on both sides of the Atlantic.” (The Oldie, April 2008)