A.I.M.: The Powerful 10-Step Personal and Career Success Program
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Jim Carlisle is Director of Western Management Consultants, where he practices in the areas of executive coaching, executive search, and facilitation. His coaching practice has attracted a wide range of clients, including CEOs of major firms, graduate business students, high potential managers, not-for-profit leaders and professional athletes. Jim is in his second term as Chairman of The World Search Alliance, a network of executive search firms in over 30 countries around the world. He is also a Fellow of The Institute of Certified Management Consultants.

Alex Gill is principal of Mendicant Group, a consulting firm that improves the impact of Canada's charities, non-profit organizations, and socially conscious corporations. Prior to founding Mendicant, Alex spent more than ten years as a nonprofit executive. Alex teaches at Ryerson University in the areas of corporate citizenship, advocacy, and nonprofit management.



Preface How Coaching Changed My Life—and Can Change Yours.

Introduction What Is the A.I.M. Method All About?

Part I: Why A.I.M. Matters.

Chapter 1 Making the Choice.

Chapter 2 What Makes People Happy, Really?

Part II: The 10-Step Process.

Chapter 3 (Un)willing and Able? Starting Your Journey through the A.I.M. Process.

Chapter 4 Mapping the Four-Dimensional You.

Chapter 5 Sketching Success.

Chapter 6 Reviewing What’s Important.

Chapter 7 Cashing a Reality Check.

Chapter 8 Asking the Hard Questions.

Chapter 9 Road Mapping Your Options.

Chapter 10 Filling Up Your Toolkit.

Chapter 11 NET Growth: Networking, Exploring, Transforming.

Chapter 12 A.I.M. in Constant Motion.

Part III: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward.

Epilogue A.I.M. in a Shifting Market.

Appendix Further Reading Recommendations.

About the Authors.


Index of Case Studies.