Winners Are Driven: A Champion's Guide to Successin Business and Life
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More About This Title Winners Are Driven: A Champion's Guide to Successin Business and Life



"The basic principles in becoming a world champion automobile racer, successful businessman, and human being are exactly the same principles that must be utilized by anyone in order to attain success. The many examples of good sportsmanship, the emphasis on family, the importance of customers, and good customer relationships are so very important in life today. Unser is a man who has lived his life to the fullest, accomplished so very, very much, and yet been true to his friends, his family, his competitors, and is the epitome of success."
-Barron Hilton, Chairman, Hilton Hotels

"A wild ride with a racing legend. Bobby is still going 100 mph as he shares his life strategy for success. Nothing fancy, just good ol' Unser common sense."
-Doug Sellars, Coordinating Producer, Fox Sports Net

"As a member of a family involved in American automobile racing for over 80 years, I find Bobby Unser's Winners Are Driven unique in comparing what it takes to be successful in the racing world and how it applies to one's business and personal life. . . . With Bobby's insight and gut instincts he effortlessly crosses over from racing to life in general."
-William D. Loadvine, Executive Director of Advancement,
University of Southern California

"Bobby's drive and passion have fueled his incredible success both on and off the track, and his story translates into invaluable life lessons for us all."
-Jeff Bliss, President, The Javelin Group
Former President/CEO Sara Lee Olympic Partnership

"This book depicts the life of Bobby Unser from his humble beginnings in the heartland to his many accomplishments. It spells out the philosophy of the great American spirit, the driving force of professional sports, and the necessity of having the presence of outstanding leaders and human beings throughout the world today."
-Gregory R. Dillon, Vice Chairman and Director Emeritus, Hilton Hotels

"Over thirty-five years ago, early in my ABC Sports career, I first met Bobby Unser. As one of this country's premier drivers, Bobby seemed to be at or near the front of each race. While attaining renown on the track, off the track he was gracious to the media and racing fans. When he retired, we hired Bobby as ABC Sports's color commentator for Indianapolis-car racing. For nine years he performed very professionally and very colorfully. Bobby Unser, successful on the track and off . . . still going strong."
-Dennis Lewin, Senior Vice President Broadcast Planning
The National Football League


BOBBY UNSER belongs to one of the most famous auto-racing families in America. He won the Indianapolis 500 three times–in 1968, 1975, and 1981. Unser’s list of achievements in the sport is quite impressive: he had thirty-five career Indy wins; was the first driver to record a 200 mph qualifying average speed in Indy car competition; career winnings of nearly $3 million (in an era where prizes were much smaller than today); and was inducted in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame, the Novi Motorsports Hall of Fame, the Sprint Car Hall of Fame, and the Pikes Peak Hall of Fame. In addition, Unser has served as ABC’s chief analyst for the network’s Indy 500 telecasts and is still involved as an advisor to many in the racing business.
PAUL PEASE runs a corporate consulting and training business whose clients include Rockwell Automation, Blue Shield, and Hyatt Hotels.





Chapter One. Fire in the Belly.

Chapter Two. Visualizing the Checkered Flag.

Chapter Three. Qualify for the Race: Goals and Strategies.

Chapter Four. Start Your Engines!

Chapter Five. Taking the Checkered Flag.

Chapter Six. Races Are Won in the Pits.

Chapter Seven. Trust and Integrity.

Chapter Eight. Accountability and Responsibility.

Chapter Nine. Cherish Failure.

Chapter Ten. Take Pride in Results.

Chapter Eleven. Education: The Ultimate Performance Enhancer.

Chapter Twelve. The Family Wildcard.



Appendix: Bobby Unser.