The New York Public Library Amazing Scientists: ABook of Answers for Kids
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The New York Public Library
AMAZING scientists

Discover the moons of Jupiter with Galileo. Uncover the science of radiation with Madame Curie. Travel forward in time with Einstein. Find out how scientists learned to cure diseases, how they discovered gravity, and how they determined the structure of the atom. Fact-filled and fun, this book's question-and-answer format lets you explore the discoveries of some of the world's greatest scientists.

What is the Hippocratic Oath? See page 11.
How did archimedes single-handedly hold off the entire Roman army? See page 13.
Which famous physician learned about human anatomy in a gladiator ring? See page 19.
What is natural selection? See page 36.
What was the worst disease of all time? See page 40.
Who discovered over 300 uses for peanuts? See page 48.
Which founder of chemistry lost his head in the French Revolution? See page 65.
What Nobel Prize-winning physicist escaped the Nazis in 1933? See page 109.

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JIM CALLAN is a freelance writer and an editor of science books.



Scientists of the Ancient World.

Amazing Biologists.

Amazing Chemists.

Amazing Physicists.

Amazing Astronomers.

Amazing Earth Scientists.

Amazine Scientists Timeline.


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