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ROI in Action Casebook offers a collection of ROI case studies that represent the classic use of the proven ROI Methodology. A companion volume to Jack J. Phillips and Patricia Pulliam Phillips?s six books in the Measurement and Evaluation series, this book clearly illustrates the ROI Methodology. The case studies represent a variety of applications in human resources, learning and development, and performance improvement. Each case follows the methodology and describes in detail how it was used to show the value of a particular project or program.



Patricia Pulliam Phillips is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and president and CEO of ROI Institute, Inc. Phillips provides consulting services to organizations worldwide. She helps organizations build capacity in the ROI Methodology by facilitating the ROI certification process and teaching the ROI Methodology through workshops and graduate-level courses.

Jack J. Phillips is chairman of the ROI Institute, Inc. A world-renowned expert on measurement and evaluation, Phillips provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and workshops for major conference providers around the world. Phillips is the author or editor of more than thirty books and more than one hundred articles.

ROI Institute, Inc., is a benchmarking, research, and information-sharing organization that provides consulting services, workshops, and certification in the ROI Methodology. Widely considered the leading authority on evaluation and measurement of learning and development in organizations, ROI Institute conducts workshops and offers certification for thousands of practitioners through a variety of strategic partners.


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1. Measuring ROI in Effective Meeting Skills A Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer 1
Patricia Pulliam Phillips

2. Measuring ROI in Business Coaching: A Global Hotel Chain 41
Jack J. Phillips

3. Measuring ROI in Sales Training: A Pharmaceutical Company 67
Ron Drew Stone

4. Measuring ROI in a Career Development Initiative: A Global Computer Company 103
Holly Burkett

5. Measuring ROI in a Sales Training Programme: An International Hotel Company 131
Peter Haigh, edited by Jane Massy

6. Measuring ROI in Coaching for New-Employee Retention: A Global Media Company 155
Lisa Ann Edwards and Christina Lounsberry

7. Measuring ROI in Operational and Quality Training: A Plastics Manufacturing Company for the Prepared Foods Industry 171
Kirk Smith

8. Measuring ROI in a Professional Development Day: A Technical College 185
Jennifer Janecek Hartman and Leah Woodke

9. Measuring ROI in Sales Training in a Nonprofit Business: An Information Technology Company 203
Lisa Sallstrom

10. Measuring ROI in RxSource: An Electronic Documentation Tool: A Pharmacy Benefit Management Company 217
Nathan Faylor, Isabelle Maisse, and Kristen Neal

11. Forecasting ROI in a Performance Improvement Training Program: A Healthcare Organization 259
Bonnie L. Carpenter

12. Measuring ROI in Negotiations SkillsTraining: A Mortgage Company 287
Kendall Kerekes, Kelly Coumbe, John Ruggiero, and Sanam Razzaghi

13. Measuring ROI in Manage by Fact (MBF) Training: An Automotive Wheels Manufacturing Company 317
Alaster Nyaude

14. Measuring ROI in an Employee Retraining Program: A Global Copper Mining and Manufacturing Company 335
Christian Faune, Marcelo Mardones, Jaime Rosas Saraniti, and Rodrigo Lara Fernandez

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