Leading a Learning Revolution: The Story BehindDefense Acquisition University's Reinvention ofTraining
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More About This Title Leading a Learning Revolution: The Story BehindDefense Acquisition University's Reinvention ofTraining


Frank J. Anderson (pictured left), is president of the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). Under his leadership, DAU was selected the top learning and development organization in the United States in 2004, receiving the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Best Award, recognizing organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success or achievement. Anderson also was selected by his peers as the 2004 Chief Learning Officer of the Year, and again in 2006 as Leader of the Year during the Corporate University Best-in-Class Awards.

Christopher R. Hardy, Ph.D. (pictured right), is the strategic planner for the Defense Acquisition University. Prior to his current position, he also served as a strategic planner in private industry becoming a vice president, INNOLOG, Inc., a global supply chain logistics company, headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

Jeffrey Leeson is a professional writer and editor. He lives in New York City and can be contacted at [email protected]




About the Authors.


1. Defense Acquisition University.

The Birth of DAU.

A Collection of Schoolhouses.

Redesigning and Retooling DAU.

Transformation Snapshot.

Today's DAU.

2. Organizational Alignment.

Mission Focus.

Understanding Our Role.

The DAU Environment.

Aligning Upward.

Aligning Downward.

3.Seeking Solutions.

Reading Materials.


Conferences and Symposia.


Strategic Partnerships.

4. Set the Direction.

Get in the Game.

Strategic Planning.

A Living, Dynamic Process.

Early Victories.

5. Establish a Learning Architecture.

Simple but Powerful.

The Performance Learning Model.

Implementing the PLM.

Optimizing the PLM.

6. Develop a Smart Evaluation Strategy.

Why We Measure.

What We Measure.

How We Measure.

How We use Data.

7. Never Stop Improving.

More, Faster, Better.

Continual Improvement.

Sector Leadership.

Moving to the Future.

8. The Future.

The Future Is Now.

Future Learning.

Intellectual Capital Valuation.

Appendix A: DAU Strategic Partners.

Appendix B: DAU Performance Plan.

Appendix C: DAU Annual Performance Report.

Appendix D: Example Award Application.