Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strategies That Will Put YouOut of Business--and Proven Tactics that Really Work
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More About This Title Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strategies That Will Put YouOut of Business--and Proven Tactics that Really Work


In Loyalty Myths, the authors have assembled 53 of the most common beliefs about customer loyalty – all of them wrong or misconceived! Each of the beliefs in this book is debunked with real-world examples. While other books speak in platitudes; this book is the only one to validate each proposition with real data.

Granted unprecedented access to customer records from a variety of multi-national corporations. Through these records, Ipsos Loyalty was able to precisely track the impact of this customer-centric construct on actual purchasing behavior. The authors’ findings and conclusions will stun business leaders around the world. The lessons learned from these provide a true guide for the proper use of customer loyalty.


TIMOTHY L. KEININGHAM is Senior Vice President and Head of Consulting for Ipsos Loyalty. He is the author of several books and articles on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and has won best paper awards from the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Service Research.

TERRY G. VAVRA is Chairman Emeritus of Ipsos Loyalty. He is a customer satisfaction and loyalty consultant, a public speaker on these subjects, and the author of four books (including one of the first books on CRM) and numerous articles in these fields. He is also a former educator who taught at the graduate level.

LERZAN AKSOY is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. Her research interests include customer satisfaction, loyalty, and relationship management. She has provided executive training on customer relationship management to executives from numerous multinational companies.

HENRI WALLARD is CEO of Ipsos in charge of Ipsos Loyalty.




INTRODUCTION: The Myths of Loyalty: Did the Gods Mislead Us?

Chapter 1. Loyalty Myths That Subvert Company Goals.

Chapter 2. Loyalty Myths Contaminating Company Management Practices.

Chapter 3. Loyalty Myths about Customers: Their Needs, Behaviors, and Referrals.

Chapter 4. Loyalty Myths Concerning Loyalty Programs.

Chapter 5. Loyalty Myths about Loyalty, Share of Business, and Profitability.

Chapter 6. Loyalty Myths Regarding Employees.

Chapter 7. The Foundations of Customer Loyalty.

Chapter 8. The Right Way to Manage for Customer Loyalty.





"Strong stuff...[the authors] offer some well-researched loyalty truths" (Telegraph, November 2005)

"...full of ideas and suggestions...likely to be useful to anyone working in the field." (Research Magazine, May 2006)