Creating Your Own Destiny: How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life and Work
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More About This Title Creating Your Own Destiny: How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life and Work


Put your own fate exactly where it belongs-in your hands

It is one of the great questions of life. Its a simple question, really, but it seems impossible for many to answer: Do we control our own destinies? 90 percent of people think and act as if their destiny is foreordained, while only about 10 percent believe in the capacity to change and act on it.

Creating Your Own Destiny explains and demonstrates to the majority how to dream, plan, and execute a better future-despite the challenges of the economy and life circumstances.

  • Based on time-honored principles, theories, and case studies
  • Provides a Success Road Map for all those people who are seeking to achieve success but who aren't satisfied with their careers.
  • Written in an easy and accessible tone by Patrick Snow, who has been dubbed "the Dean of Destiny"

With the powerful and practical tools featured in this essential guide, you'll find yourself newly empowered and energized to achieve extraordinary results.


PATRICK SNOW is a professional keynote speaker, international bestselling author, publishing coach, and Internet entrepreneur. He has studied the field of personal growth and development for more than twenty years, and as a result has been dubbed "The Dean of Destiny" by high achievers worldwide. In 2000, he launched his company, The Snow Group, with a mission to help others overcome their fears by turning their career distress into personal success. His self–published version of Creating Your Own Destiny has sold more than 150,000 copies and has been translated into numerous foreign languages. For more information, visit


Foreword Brian Tracy xv

Introduction Breaking Free xvii

Section One DREAM 1

Chapter 1 Visualizing Your Dreams 3

Chapter 2 Setting Big Goals 17

Chapter 3 Putting Your Family Ahead of Work 30

Chapter 4 Building Real Wealth 51

Section Two PLAN 73

Chapter 5 Creating Your Game Plan 75

Chapter 6 Conquering Adversity, Temptation, and Addiction 87

Chapter 7 Overcoming Your Fears 100

Chapter 8 Remembering Those Who Molded You 112

Section Three EXECUTE 121

Chapter 9 Executing Your Plan Daily 123

Chapter 10 Growing Your Business on a Limited Budget 136

Chapter 11 Choosing Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Daily 162

Chapter 12 Making Permanent Changes in Your Life 175

Section Four SOAR 185

Chapter 13 Leading and Leveraging Your Network 187

Chapter 14 Developing Your Higher Calling 203

Chapter 15 Leaving Your Legacy 211

Chapter 16 Asking Yourself the Ultimate Destiny Questions 220

A Final Note Achieving Your Destiny 226

Destiny Secret 232

Notes 233

About the Author 239

About The Snow Group 240

Best-Seller Publishing Coaching 241

Book Patrick Snow 242

Index 243