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Not your average business self-help book, Impact! is a 'total person' development guide that says 'who you are impacts everything you do’. It doesn't focus on what's wrong with you but rather what's right with you so that you can turn your potential into performance. The secret to success and fulfillment-both professionally and personally-is that you should stop trying to 'fit in' and become what others want you to be; that you can become more productive, powerful, and passionate by becoming more of who you were meant to be instead. Why? Because no longer is there any separation between who you are and what you do!

With step-by-step strategies and smart insight, you will learn how to have significant positive impact in your life and in your career; you'll learn how to unlock your personal power; live your life with purpose; appreciate your family; identify your greatest gifts and talents; value your failures and learn from them; stand up for yourself; give yourself permission to stand out; and start to ask for what you want. Best of all, you will learn how to be seen, heard and celebrated for being authentic - for being exactly who you are.

Serious advice for women who want to live passionate, successful, and happier lives at home and professionallyShows you how to re-engage with yourself, figure out what you want and why you want it, and take charge of your career and lifeAuthor Nancy Solomon is an expert in the field of personal development and human potential

The key to Impact! lies in knowing yourself intimately, leading your life from the inside out, and using your strengths to become happier and more fulfilled. Impact! shows you who you are, where you're going and how to get there. It also helps you to get out of your own way!


Nancy D. Solomon, MA, is an expert in the field of human potential and personal growth. She is acclaimed for her ability to help people achieve great personal and professional success by discovering who they are and how that impacts what they do in their lives. Ms. Solomon travels the globe evangelically spreading the word that "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" through her consulting, training, keynotes, and coaching. President and founder of and, Nancy's clients include Microsoft, Nordstrom, Target, Acura, Westin, and many other potentially passionate individuals and organizations.



Message from the Author
Just between You and Me.

Reader Self-Assessment.

Introduction: One More Load of Laundry before I Die.


Essay 1 Impact Is the Fingerprint, Not the Finger That Printed It
All You Leave Is Your Impact.

Essay 2 You Have to Be Present to Win
You Were Born to Be Brilliant.

Essay 3 Katy Did but We Didn’t
If You Want to Have Impact, You Have to Stay in the Game.

Essay 4 I Was Absent That Day
What Happens When You Don’t Have Impact.


Essay 5 For God’s Sake
Our Life Purpose Is the Essence of Our Impact and Invincibility.

Essay 6 The Why Behind the What
The Impact Cycle.

Essay 7 When Your Life Calls, Answer It!
Your Purpose Is Your Life’s Agenda.

Essay 8 Brand You
Your Brand Is Your Life Purpose.

Essay 9 There Are No Victims
The Power of Choice.

Essay 10 The Man Is the Head, But the WomanIs the Neck!
Masculine and Feminine Power.


Essay 11 If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going,HowWill You KnowWhen You Arrive?
Meandering through Life.

Essay 12 The Hidden ‘I’ in Invisible
Life Unnoticed.

Essay 13 That’s Not a Doormat, It’s My Back!
Selfish, Selfirst, Selfless.

Essay 14 Don’t Take the Last Piece of Pie
Putting Yourself Last.

Essay 15 Shrink to Fit
Playing Small.

Essay 16 I Can’t Believe She Did That!
Women and Relationships.

Essay 17 Your Inner Bag Lady
Money and Power.

Essay 18 Life’s Too Short to Wear Ugly Shoes
Depression and Anxiety.


Essay 19 Ten Carats
Mining Your Treasures.

Essay 20 Yadda, Yadda, Yadda and Blah, Blah, Blah
Getting It Done.

Essay 21 The 'I' in Invincible
Personal Accountability.

Essay 22 Someday, Someone Is Going toDo Something
Using Your Potential.

Essay 23 I Don't Need Permission! Do I?

Essay 24 Permission 2.0
Allowing Yourself to Be Powerful.

Essay 25 Thoughtus Interruptus
Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

Essay 26 Self of Steam
Self-Esteem and Impact.

Essay 27 There's No 'We' in Courage
Living Courageously.

Essay 28 OMG! My Eggs Are Stale!

Essay 29 "Rejection Is God's Way of SavingYou the Trouble"
Valuing Your Failures.

Essay 30 "What if There's Nothing Wrong with You?"
Spiritual Permission.

Essay 31 "You Get in Life What You Have theCourage to Ask For"
Asking for What You Want.


Essay 32 From the Ironing Board to theBoard Room
Business Is Personal.

Essay 33 The Emotional Economy
Emotions Drive Decision-Making.

Essay 34 Getting Engaged
Engaged People Have More Impact.

Essay 35 "You Are the Rock in Your Own Pond"
Who You Are Impacts Everything You Do.

Essay 36 A Woman's Heart and Spirit
Courage at Work.

Essay 37 Move toward Innovative Thinking
Risky Business.

Essay 38 Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?
Retaining Top Female Talent.

Essay 39 The Last Taboo
Spirituality at Work.




About the Author.