International Practice for Architects
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How to launch an international design practice and gain projects overseas

A comprehensive overview of the rewards and perils of international practice for architects, this book draws on the experience of dozens of leading practitioners to present lessons for the profession. Written primarily for architects, the content is also relevant to any design professional considering working in a foreign country. Among the many questions it helps answer:

Should my firm consider pursuing work overseas?

Can a small or medium-sized firm successfully pursue international work?

How do we start and how do we get a first project in another country?

How is international practice different from working in the United States?

What contract provisions and other measures will help minimize the risks?

Should we have an overseas office and, if so, what type?

Should we consider outsourcing to overseas staff as a way to even out workload and increase profits?

What does the future look like for international practice?

The largest section of the book expands on these issues with specific guidelines for working in more than 185 countries. Countries with little potential for North American architects are summarized briefly, while fuller descriptions are provided for more than 25 countries that have been or could be major markets for international design services.


The author, Bradford Perkins, FAIA, MRAIC, AICP, is the founder of Perkins Eastman Architects, a 750-person international architectural, interior design, and planning firm based in New York. He is also the author or coauthor of three other books published by Wiley: Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools, Building Type Basics for Senior Living, and Architect's Essentials of Starting a Design Firm.



1. Introduction and Historical Overview.

2. Getting Started.

3. Running an International Practice.

4. Regional and Country Issues.

5. The future.



References, Further Reading, and Resources.



"If you've ever questioned whether your firm should pursue work overseas or wondered if a small or medium-sized firm could successfully pursue international work and what do you do to start, International Practice for Architects was written for you. The 374-page book focuses on the many rewards and issues facing North American-based architects, planners, landscape architects, interior designers and other design professionals in more than a dozen disciplines when practicing overseas. The author shares his personal experiences from a career that spans 38 years and has involved projects in more than 30 countries, as well as insights from other leading design principals to provide readers with a comprehensive introduction to international practice." (; 1/09)

"Known for several construction and drafting texts, architect Liebing here offers a book that is more about process than detailing. Intended for everyone involved in a building project, this volume offers a thorough overview - taking a design concept from paper to inhabitable building." (Choice; 1/09)