Building a Love That Lasts: The Seven Surprising Secrets of Successful Marriage
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More About This Title Building a Love That Lasts: The Seven Surprising Secrets of Successful Marriage


The "Best Relationship Book of 2008" is now in paperback

Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz's award-winning book reveals how to sustain a long-term loving marriage. In addition to exploring the seven key ingredients that define a successful marriage—togetherness, truthfulness, respect and kindness, staying fit, joint finances, tactile communication, and surprise and unpredictability—the authors have included hundreds of insightful and practical interviews with happy couples.

  • Focuses on what's right about a successful relationship, rather than what's wrong
  • Written by a popular and very active couple known as "the marriage doctors," who lead lectures, training, workshops, and other events every week all over the country
  • Contains candid interviews with a diverse collection of happily married couples from around the world

This book offers a positive, upbeat approach to living happily ever after.


Dr. Charles D. Schmitz is dean and professor of counseling and family therapy, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz, is president of their joint enterprise, Successful Marriage Reflections, LLC. Married for 43-plus years, they live in St. Louis, Missouri.


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The Marriage Quiz.

Chapter 1 How Will I Know I Am in Love?

Chapter 2 Learning to Dance.

Chapter 3 Character in Love and Marriage.

Chapter 4 It's the Little Things That Matter.

Chapter 5 Nicknames: the Private Code for Love.

Chapter 6 And Then . . . Along Came Kids.

Chapter 7 Seven Secrets #1: It Takes Two to Tango.

Chapter 8 Seven Secrets #2: No Sacred Cows.

Chapter 9 Seven Secrets #3: the Golden Rule.

Chapter 10 Seven Secrets #4: Your Body Is Your Castle.

Chapter 11 Seven Secrets #5: Filing a Joint Return.

Chapter 12 Seven Secrets #6: the Loving Touch

Chapter 13 Seven Secrets #7: Beyond Boring.

Chapter 14 Seven Secrets to Avoiding the Seven-Year Itch.

Chapter 15 the Stress Test.

Chapter 16 Marriage as a Torch Red Convertible.

Chapter 17 a Tribute to Lasting Love.

Chapter 18 Failure Is an Option.

Chapter 19 Reflections on Love and Marriage.


The Benefits of Marriage.

A Seven-Week Program for Developing Ongoing Sharing in Your Marriage.

Salad Recipes from “America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts”.

Filing a Joint Return Activity.

Marriage as a Torch Red Convertible Activity.

About the Authors.