Mastering Microsoft Virtualization
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Tim Cerling is Sr. Technology Specialist at Microsoft involved with Hyper-V. Jeff Buller is Technology Specialist on Microsoft's virtualization solutions team. Chuck Enstall is a network technology specialist with Microsoft focusing on Remote Desktop Services. Richard Ruiz is a Microsoft virtualization specialist focusing on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Hyper-V, Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization, and Microsoft Application Virtualization.


Introduction xvii

Part 1 Hyper-V 1

Chapter 1 UnderstandingMicrosoft’s Hypervisor 3

Chapter 2 Installing, Configuring, and Managing the Hyper-V Host 29

Chapter 3 Creating and Managing Virtual Machines 77

Chapter 4 Storage and Networking for Hyper-V 125

Chapter 5 High Availability and Hyper-V 165

Chapter 6 Planning a Virtual Infrastructure with Hyper-V 221

Part 2 Microsoft Application Virtualization 253

Chapter 7 UnderstandingMicrosoft Application Virtualization and Streaming 255

Chapter 8 Creating Virtual Applications 281

Chapter 9 Deploying Virtual Applications 299

Part 3 Remote Desktop Services 313

Chapter 10 Introduction to Remote Desktop Services 315

Chapter 11 Installing and Configuring Remote Desktop Services 327

Chapter 12 Deploying and Accessing Remote Desktop Services 355

Chapter 13 Load Balancing Remote Desktop Services 389

Part 4 Desktop Virtualization 409

Chapter 14 Introducing Microsoft Desktop Virtualization 411

Chapter 15 Deploying Microsoft VDI 443

Chapter 16 Deploying Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization  477

Appendices 511

Appendix A The Bottom Line 513

Appendix B Microsoft Virtualization Tools and Resources 537

Index 541