Plasma Formulary for Physics, Astronomy andTechnology 2e
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More About This Title Plasma Formulary for Physics, Astronomy andTechnology 2e


This collection of fundamental formulae, up-to-date references and definitions in plasma physics is vital to anyone with an interest in plasmas or ionized gases, whether in physics, astronomy or engineering.
Both theorists and experimentalists will find this book useful, as it incorporates the latest results and findings, with extended coverage of fusion plasma, plasma in stellar winds, reaction rates, engineering plasma and many other topics.
The text is also unique in treating astrophysical plasmas, fusion plasmas, industrial plasmas and low temperature plasmas as aspects of the same discipline.


Professor Declan Diver serves as administrative head of the Astronomy & Astrophysics department of the university of Glasgow.
His research focuses on the analysis of plasmas, with particular emphasis on low-temperature gas-plasma mixtures, and high energy pair plasmas in a pulsar environment.
He also has a strong lecturing record, teaching courses on spherical trigonometry and positional astronomy, stellar evolution, special and general relativity, cosmology and plasma physics.


1 Basic Physical Data
1.1 Basic Physical Units
1.2 Maxwell's Electromagnetic Equations
1.3 Special Relativity
1.4 Physical Constants
1.5 Dimensional Analysis
1.6 Ionization Energies of Gas-Phase Molecules
1.7 Characteristic Parameters for Typical Plasmas

2 Basic Plasma Parameters
2.1 Notation
2.2 Natural Timescales
2.3 Natural Scalelengths
2.4 Natural Speeds
2.5 Miscellaneous Parameters
2.6 Non-Dimensional Parameters

3 Discharge Plasmas and Elementary Processes
3.1 Notation
3.2 Plasma Sheath
3.3 Double-Layer
3.4 Diffusion Parameters
3.5 Ionization
3.6 Ionization Equilibrium

4 Radiation
4.1 Notation
4.2 Radiation from a Moving Point Charge
4.3 Cyclotron and Synchrotron Radiation
4.4 Bremsstrahlung
4.5 Radiation Scattering

5 Kinetic Theory
5.1 Notation
5.2 Fundamentals
5.3 Boltzmann Equation
5.4 Maxwellian Distribution
5.5 Vlasov Description
5.6 Collisional Modelling

6 Plasma Transport
6.1 Notation
6.2 Basic Definitions
6.3 Binary Collisions
6.4 Particle Dynamics
6.5 Transport Coefficients

7 Plasma Waves
7.1 Notation
7.2 Waves in Cold Plasmas
7.3 Fluid Plasmas
7.4 Waves in Hot Plasmas

8 Flows
8.1 Notation
8.2 Fundamental Results
8.3 Hydromagnetic Flows
8.4 Solar Wind
8.5 Neutral Gas/Magnetized Plasma Flows
8.6 Beams
8.7 Hydromagnetic Shocks
8.8 Ion-Acoustic Shock

9 Equilibria and Instabilities
9.1 Notation
9.2 General Considerations
9.3 Fluid Equilibria
9.4 Fluid Instabilities
9.5 Kinetic Instabilities

10 Mathematics
10.1 Vector Algebra
10.2 Vector Calculus
10.3 Integral Theorems
10.4 Matrices
10.5 Eigenfunctions of the Curl Operator
10.6 Wave Scattering
10.7 Plasma Dispersion Function


"... very useful and a handy reference ..." IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

"The present formulary is vital to anyone interested in plasmas, wheter in physics, astrophysics or engineering. It gives a quick reference to both the traditional and the latest formulae and findings." Astronomische Nachrichten