Ophthalmic Care
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This book, while combining depth and breadth of content does so in an accessible manner which enables it to be used as a comprehensive resource not just for ophthalmic  professionals, but for any health care professional who cares for patients with eye problems.

The first section within the book considers the underpinnings of ophthalmic practice including basic science and eye examination. The second considers issues around diverse care settings and the particular care of different patient groups as well as issues of work and patient education, while the third section takes a systematic approach to the care of patients with ophthalmic problems. An accompanying appendix lists sources of support for health care professionals and patients and the book concludes with a glossary of ophthalmic terms.

The integration of knowledge from all the different ophthalmic health disciplines, as well as the involvement of an international team of expert ophthalmic practitioners combine to achieve a resource which will enable practitioners to achieve effective, evidence based, informed and thinking practice for all those with eye problems.


Janet Marsden MSc, BSc, RGN, OND; Manchester Royal Eye Hospital; UK






Chapter 1. Physiology of vision (Ramesh Seewoodhary).

Chapter 2. Optics (Janet Marsden and David M Spence).

Chapter 3. Pharmacology (Sharon Andrew).

Chapter 4. Examination of the eye (Mary E Shaw).

Chapter 5. Visual impairment (Linda Whitaker).

Chapter 6. Patient education (Helen Davies).

Chapter 7. Work and the eye (Janet Marsden).

Chapter 8. Care of the adult ophthalmic patient in an inpatient setting (Mary E Shaw).

Chapter 9. The care of the child undergoing ophthalmic treatment (Jilly Bradshaw).

Chapter 10. Developments in care in day surgery for ophthalmic patients (Margaret Gurney).

Chapter 11. Ophthalmic theatre nursing (Patricia Evans and Gill Taylor).

Chapter 12. The care of patients presenting with acute problems (Janet Marsden).

Chapter 13. The challenge of eye health care in developing countries (Sue Stevens, Ingrid Cox and Andrew R Potter).

Chapter 14. Eyelids and lacrimal drainage system (Les McQueen).

Chapter 15. The conjunctiva (Agnes Lee).

Chapter 16. The cornea (Bradley Kirkwood).

Chapter 17. The sclera (Agnes Lee).

Chapter 18. The lens (Les McQueen).

Chapter 19. The uveal tract (Bronwen Ward, Susanne Raynel and Gayle Catt).

Chapter 20. The angle and aqueous (Agnes Lee).

Chapter 21. The retina and vitreous (Susanne Raynel and Olga Brochner).

Chapter 22. The orbit and extraocular muscles (Allyson Ryder).

Chapter 23. Visual and pupillary pathways and neuro-ophthalmology (Yvonne Needham).

Chapter 24. The eye and systemic disease (Dorothy E Field).