Young People and Alcohol - Impact, Policy,Prevention, Treatment
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More About This Title Young People and Alcohol - Impact, Policy,Prevention, Treatment


Young People and Alcohol is a practical and comprehensive reference for professionals and researchers in the field of alcohol misuse who work with people aged 12 to 25 years. The book provides readers from a range of professional backgrounds with authoritative and up to date information about the effects of alcohol use in the young and, particularly, its management, with an emphasis on interventions whose effectiveness is supported by evidence.

Written by an internationally renowned team of contributors, chapters span five key sections: The Phenomenon and Impact of Youth Drinking; Neurobiology; Prevention and Early Intervention; Assessment and Diagnosis; and Treatment.


  • Focus is on treatment, relating the science to everyday clinical practice.
  • Evidence-based
  • List of further resources
  • Tables and flowcharts
  • Glossary of key terms and abbreviations


Joseph M. Rey, MD, PhD, FRANZCP, a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, has worked helping children, teenagers and their families in Sydney, Australia, for more than 25 years. Dr Rey has been extensively involved in the management of services, teaching and training of family physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals, and has published numerous research and educational papers, as well as several books, on child and adolescent mental disorders including substance use disorders.

John B. Saunders, MD, FRACP, FRCP is a professor and consultant physician in internal medicine and addiction medicine. His career as a clinician, service director, researcher and academic in the alcohol and drug field in Britain and Australia extends back 35 years. He has worked with the World Health Organization for many years and was responsible for developing the AUDIT questionnaire. He is a member of WHO's Expert Advisory Panel on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and was Co-Chair of the DSM V Substance USE Disorders Workgroup from 2003 to 2007. He has published two books and over 300 scientific papers, reviews and book chapters.


Contributors vii

Preface xi

Glossary and abbreviations xiv
Joseph M. Rey

Part I: The phenomenon and impact of youth drinking.

1 The phenomenon of youth drinking 3
Fiona Measham and Jeanette Østergaard

2 Early onset drinking 18
Shauncie M. Skidmore, Rose A. Juhasz, and Robert A. Zucker

3 The short- and long-term consequences of adolescent alcohol use 32
Joseph M. Boden and David M. Fergusson

Part II: Neurobiology.

4 The biology of alcohol and alcohol misuse 47
John B. Saunders

5 Alcohol and the developing brain 66
Linda Patia Spear

6 Genetic influences on alcohol use and alcohol use disorders 83
Michael T. Lynskey and Arpana Agrawal

Part III: Prevention and early intervention

7 Alcohol policy and the prevention of harm in young people 105
John B. Saunders, Peter Anderson, and Joseph M. Rey

8 Community-based approaches to prevention: reducing high-risk drinking and alcohol-related damage among youth and young adults 122
Norman Giesbrecht and Linda Bosma

9 Brief alcohol intervention in young people 153
Eileen F. S. Kaner and Bridgette M. Bewick

10 Preventing and responding to alcohol misuse in specific contexts: schools, colleges, the military 170
Joseph M. Rey and Robert F. Saltz

Part IV: Assessment and diagnosis.

11 The clinical interview of young people about alcohol use 197
Yvonne Bonomo

12 Detection, evaluation, and diagnosis of alcohol use disorders 212
Maree Teesson, Sonja Memedovic, Louise Mewton, Tim Slade, and Andrew Baillie

Part V: Treatment.

13 Recognition and acute management of severe alcohol intoxication and withdrawal in youth 231
Federico E. Vaca and Rockan Sayegh

14 Working with families of adolescents who misuse alcohol 247
Lorna Templeton

15 Psychosocial treatment for adolescents with alcohol use disorders 258
Deborah Deas and Andrew Clark

16 Pharmacological approaches to the treatment of alcohol dependence in the young 271
Bankole A. Johnson

17 Alcoholics Anonymous and young people 308
John F. Kelly and Julie D. Yeterian

18 Epidemiology and management of alcohol misuse comorbid with other disorders 327
Katherine M. Keyes and Deborah S. Hasin

Index 347