Drawing and Reinventing Landscape AD Primer
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How to tackle representation in landscape design

Representation is a hot topic in landscape architecture. While computerization has been a catalyst for change across many fields in design, no other design field has experienced such drastic reinvention as has landscape architecture. As the world urbanizes rapidly and our relationship with nature changes, it is vitally important that landscape designers adopt innovative forms of representation—whether digital, analog, or hybrid.

In this book, author Diana Balmori explores notions of representation in the discipline at large and across time. She takes readers from landscape design's roots in seventeenth-century France and eighteenth-century England through to modern attempts at representation made by contemporary landscape artists.

  • Addresses a central topic in the discipline of landscape architecture
  • Features historic works and those by leading contemporary practitioners, such as Bernard Lassus, Richard Haag, Stig L Andersson, Lawrence Halprin, and Patricia Johanson
  • Written by a renowned practitioner and educator
  • Features 150 full-color images

Drawing and Reinventing Landscape, AD Primer is an informative investigation of beauty in landscape design, offering inspiring creative perspectives for students and professionals.


Diana Balmori, FASLA is the founding principal of Balmori Associates Landscape and Urban Design, a New York based experimental design office that explores the line between landscape and architecture and between nature and culture.  Her practice seeks also to re-enter landscape into the family of the arts with new formal aims. She teaches at Yale School of Architecture.


Epigraph 005

Acknowledgements 007

Foreword by Michel Conan 010

Introduction 014

Chapter 1: The Contemporary Reinvention of Landscape Architecture and its Representation 019

Chapter 2: The Pleasure of Drawing 032

Chapter 3: Notebooks, Early Sketches and Late Drawings 041

Chapter 4: Contemporary Landscape Architects and Landscape Artists 076

Landscape Urbanism 078

Bernard Lassus 087

Patricia Johanson 094

Richard Haag (Rich Haag Associates) 100

Stig L Andersson (SLA) 103

Diana Balmori 009 Contents Diana Balmori (Balmori Associates) 114

Lawrence Halprin (Lawrence Halprin and Associates) 107Summary 140

Chapter 5: Historical Issues in Landscape Architecture Representation 146

Drawing and Painting 147

Representation of Representation 152

Representation of Space 159

Integrated Drawings 168

Representation of Time 173

Chapter 6: Contemporary Issues Deriving from Change 181

Computing and Hybridising 181

From a Fixed to a Changing Arcadia 183

Project Team Credits 189

Bibliography 192

Index 194

Picture Credits 199