Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop CC
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Chapter 1 Getting Started

Work with Images  4

Understanding Photoshop  6

Start Photoshop on a PC  8

Start Photoshop on a Mac  9

The Photoshop Workspace  10

Find Images for Your Projects  11

Set Preferences  12

Save a Workspace  14

Open an Image  16

Browse for an Image in Bridge  18

Sort and Filter Images in Bridge  20

Display a Slide Show in Bridge  22

Import Images from a Camera in Bridge  24

Create a New Image  26

Exit Photoshop  27

Chapter 2 Understanding Photoshop Basics

Introducing the Photoshop Toolbox  30

Work with Toolbox Tools  32

Magnify with the Zoom Tool  34

Adjust Views  36

Change Screen Modes  38

Using Rulers and Guides  40

Undo Commands  42

Revert an Image  43

Manage Image Windows  44

Chapter 3 Changing the Size of an Image

Change the On-Screen Size of an Image  48

Change the Print Size of an Image  50

Change the Resolution of an Image  52

Crop an Image  54

Crop and Straighten Photos  56

Trim an Image  57

Change the Canvas Size of an Image  58

Chapter 4 Making Selections

Select with the Marquee Tools  62

Select with the Lasso Tool  64

Select with the Magnetic Lasso Tool  66

Select with the Quick Selection Tool  68

Select with the Magic Wand Tool  70

Select with the Color Range Command  72

Select All the Pixels in an Image  74

Move a Selection Border  75

Add to or Subtract from a Selection  76

Invert a Selection  78

Grow a Selection  79

Create Slices  80

Chapter 5 Manipulating Selections

Move a Selection  84

Copy and Paste a Selection  86

Delete a Selection  88

Rotate a Selection  89

Scale a Selection  90

Skew or Distort a Selection  92

Perform Content-Aware Scaling  94

Refine a Selection Edge  96

Feather the Border of a Selection  98

Create Vanishing Point Planes 100

Copy between Vanishing Point Planes 102

Using the Content-Aware Move Tool 104

Chapter 6 Painting and Retouching with Color

Select the Foreground and Background Colors 108

Select a Color with the Eyedropper Tool 110

Select a Color with the Swatches Panel 111

Using the Brush Tool 112

Change Brush Styles 114

Create a Custom Brush 116

Using the Mixer Brush 118

Apply a Gradient 120

Stroke a Selection 122

Fill a Selection 124

Using Content-Aware Fill 126

Using the Clone Stamp 128

Using the Pattern Stamp 130

Using the Spot Healing Brush 132

Using the Healing Brush 134

Using the Patch Tool 136

Using the History Brush 138

Using the Eraser 140

Replace a Color 142

Fix Red Eye in a Photo 144

Chapter 7 Adjusting Lighting and Colors

Change Brightness and Contrast 148

Using the Dodge and Burn Tools 150

Using the Blur and Sharpen Tools 152

Adjust Levels154

Adjust Curves 156

Adjust Hue and Saturation 158

Using the Sponge Tool 160

Adjust Color Balance 162

Using HDR Toning 164

Match Colors between Images 166

Correct Shadows and Highlights 168

Create a Duotone 170

Convert to Black and White 172

Adjust Vibrance 174

Chapter 8 Working with Layers

What Are Layers? 178

Create and Add to a Layer 180

Hide a Layer182

Move a Layer 183

Duplicate a Layer 184

Delete a Layer 185

Reorder Layers 186

Change the Opacity of a Layer 188

Merge Layers 190

Rename a Layer 192

Transform a Layer 193

Create a Solid Fill Layer 194

Create an Adjustment Layer 196

Edit an Adjustment Layer 198

Apply an Adjustment Layer Preset 200

Link Layers 202

Blend Layers 204

Work with Smart Objects 206

Create a Layer Group 210

Filter Layers 212

Add a Layer Mask 214

Edit a Layer Mask 216

Chapter 9 Applying Layer Styles

Apply a Drop Shadow 220

Apply an Outer Glow 222

Apply Beveling and Embossing 224

Apply Multiple Styles to a Layer 226

Edit a Layer Style 228

Using the Styles Panel 230

Chapter 10 Applying Filters

Turn an Image into a Painting 234

Blur an Image 236

Sharpen an Image 238

Distort an Image 240

Add Noise to an Image 242

Turn an Image into Shapes 244

Turn an Image into a Charcoal Sketch 246

Apply Glowing Edges to an Image 248

Add Texture to an Image 250

Offset an Image 252

Using the Liquify Filter 254

Apply Multiple Filters 256

Using Smart Filters 258

Correct Blur from Camera Shake 260

Chapter 11 Drawing Shapes

Draw a Shape 264

Draw a Custom Shape 266

Draw a Straight Line 268

Draw a Shape with the Pen 270

Edit a Shape 272

Chapter 12 Adding and Manipulating Type

Add Type to an Image 276

Add Type in a Bounding Box 278

Change the Formatting of Type 280

Change the Color of Type 282

Warp Type 284

Copy Type Styles to CSS 286

Chapter 13 Automating Your Work

Record an Action 290

Play an Action 292

Batch Process by Using an Action 294

Create a Conditional Action 296

Create a PDF of Images 298

Create a Panoramic Image 300

Create an HDR Image 302

Convert File Types 304

Batch Rename Images 306

Using Tool Presets 308

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus 310

Load HTML and CSS Colors 312

Chapter 14 Saving and Printing Images

Save in the Photoshop Format 316

Save an Image for Use in Another Application 318

Save an Image for the Web 320

Add Descriptive and Copyright Information 322

Save a Sliced Image 324

Print by Using a PC 326

Print by Using a Mac 328

Chapter 14 Saving and Printing Images

Index  330