Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less
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More About This Title Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less


Achieve stellar savings with the techniques used on

Do More, Spend Less provides tips, advice, real-world examples, and strategies consumers need to know to compete in the consumer world. Author Brad Wilson, founder of, explains the techniques and buying strategies that are used on his site, which have saved 19 million consumers more than $200 million on in the past year alone. The majority of deals on his site provide free, or nearly free, products and services. This book provides tips, advice, real-world examples, and strategies consumers need to know to compete in the consumer world.

  • Shares why you should never buy an Apple product from the Apple store
  • Details how to spend three weeks in a suite at the Park Hyatt Paris for $20
  • Shares the unknown way to clean up your credit report and add at least 20 points to your score

The entire basis for thinking about how best to shop, spend, travel, bank—essentially all aspects of being a consumer—has fundamentally changed. The power is now in your hands, and Do More, Spend Less shows you how to master your savings.


Brad Wilson is the founder of, the largest editorial-driven deals website in the country with more than 67 million annual visits and more than 2 million daily e-mail subscribers. He is also the founder of,, and (as well as other years). Brad is regularly featured on such media outlets as the Today show, the New York Times, Time magazine, Oprah and Friends, and the Wall Street Journal.


Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Section 1 Travel 1

Introduction 1

Real-Life Examples 3

Unsophisticated Honeymoon Turns Me into a Professional Traveler 3

How I Got a $40,000 Trip to Australia and New Zealand Almost for Free! 4

Turning Coins into a Million Miles (Or How I Made the Government $2 Million) 12

Hacking Together a First-Class Trip to Costa Rica (Or Why Buying Miles Can Be Smart) 18

A Quickie: How to Save $500 and Fly across the Country for Free at the Last Minute 19

How I Spent Weeks at One of the Nicest Hotels in the World for $20 (Or How to Turn Award Points into $54,000) 21

How to Rent 6,000 Square Feet of Steve Wynn’s Hotel for Barely $100 a Person per Night (Or How to Live Like a King without Betting Your Castle at the Tables) 32

TSA Precheck (Or How to Make It through Security without Taking Your Shoes Off) 35

My Very Inexpensive 1,500-Square-Foot Oceanfront Suite in Hawaii (Or How I Stayed in an Oceanfront Hotel Room Bigger Than My Condo) 38

How I Get Executive Platinum and 100,000 Miles for $1,500 (Or How a Bankruptcy, My Hometown, and Richard Branson Got Me Top-Tier Status on an Airline) 45

Little-Known Secrets to Getting Elite Status (Or How to “Challenge” the Airlines and Win!) 48

Lounges (Or What Are Cuban Cigars and Chauffeured Porsches Doing at the Airport?) 52

How I Built Up More Than 5 Million Frequent Flyer Miles 64

Time-Saving Tools for Advanced Flyers (Or How to Do No Work But Still Get Award Seats) 66

Airline Alliances 5 Opportunity (Or How a Travel Hacker Goes Global) 67

Flying First Class to Hawaii for $285! (Or How the European Banking Crisis Just Bought You a Vacation!) 70

How Do I Do This Myself ? 77

Section 2 Shopping 99

Introduction 99

Real-Life Examples 102

How My iPhone and Service Plan Cost Half What Everyone Else’s Does (or How to Get Smarter About the Biggest Purchase Most of us Make) 102

All the Free DVDs a Kid Could Ask For (Or How to Get Banned from eBay) 106

Selling and Profiting from DVDs I Didn’t Own (Or How Amazon’s Canada Store and International DVD Arbitrage Helped Me Pay for College) 107

When Too Good to Be True Is Just Good (Or How I Got a Free $70 Coffeemaker) 109

How I Stumbled into $1,000 When My TV Broke (Or What You NEED To Have In Your Wallet) 111

Why Buy $10,000 Worth of Bose Products (Or How Red Envelope’s Bankruptcy Got Me My Headphones) 113

Can You Buy Everything Online? Almost. I Do! 114

But How Good Are the Deals? 115

Why You Should Never Buy a Mac at the Apple Store (Or Reason 1,343,206 That Everything You Know about Being a Consumer Is Wrong) 119

Why It Is Smart to Buy a Diamond Sight Unseen over the Internet (Or How Tiffany Stole Your Kid’s College Fund) 121

Coupons with No Threshold (Or Why I Own a Closet Full of Brooks Brothers’ Clothes I Wouldn’t Have Bought Otherwise) 126

Who Would Order an Out-of-Stock Item? 126

Broken iPad and iPhone? No Problem 127

To Extreme Coupon or Not to Extreme Coupon (Or How to Save Money but Lose Time) 128

Who Buys Water over the Internet? (or How to Get Someone Else to Carry Your Water for You!) 129

How Do I Do This Myself? 129

Section 3 Personal Finance 135

Introduction 135

Real-Life Examples 136

How to Easily Buy Cars below the Factory Invoice Price (Or Why Invoice Price Is Meaningless When Shopping for a New Car) 136

How to Play and Win the Car Leasing Game (Or How to Lease a $60,000 Mercedes for the Same Price as a $30,000 Toyota) 148

Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage or Home Equity Line from Your Bank (Or How I Got a Sub-Prime Mortgage but Avoided Foreclosure 154

The Awesomeness of Credit Unions (Or How a 25-Year-Old Can Have Twice as Much Money in Retirement) 158

My Favorite 10 Credit Unions and the Secret Backdoors into 8 of Them (Or How to Climb in the Great Trojan Horse of the Banking System) 164

The Four Types of Credit Cards (Or the Four Good Types of Credit Cards Plus a Fifth You Can Ignore) 168

Balance Transfer Arbitrage (Or the Easiest $10,000 I Ever Made) 170

How to Create Your Own Business Line of Credit at 0 percent 175

How to Save $312 in 13 Minutes Every Six Months 177

The Quickest Way to Make $1,000 (Or Sign-up Bonus Success Stories) 178

How to Manage an Extra 100 Points on Your Credit Score (Or Why Downgrading, Bumping, and Reallocating Can Get You a 7401 Score) 181

Why More Credit Always Trumps More Credit Inquiries (Or Why Credit Inquiries Don’t Actually Hurt Your Credit Score) 186

The Best Place to Buy a Used Car (Or Why Your State Doesn’t Want You Buying and Selling Cars) 189

How I Got My Credit Score from 400 to Almost 800 (And How You Can, Too) 190

How Do I Do This Myself? 193

Conclusion 195

Index 197