Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Field Guide
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More About This Title Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Field Guide


Guides you step-by-step through the functions on your new Canon EOS 5D Mark III dSLR camera

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III full-frame dSLR camera features an impressive 22.3 megapixels, a 3.2-inch LCD screen, 6 fps continuous shooting, Live View, an ISO range of 50 to 102,400 and full HD 1080 resolution movie shooting. Here to help you get the most out of these remarkable features and offering you more in-depth coverage than the standard manual, this full-color Canon 5D Mark III Digital Field Guide provides you with guidance on how and when to use each button, dial, and menu option. Delivering information in an easy-to-understand format, this portable guide features more than 200 inspirational photos by acclaimed photographer and veteran author Charlotte Lowrie. The handy trim size allows this guide to go where you go, providing you with easy access to information quickly so you can get the exact shot you want when you want it.

Helps you make the most of your Canon EOS 5D Mark III and get the shots you wantOffers full detailed coverage of when and how to use each and every button, dial, and menu option on this sophisticated new dSLRProvides step-by-step explanations on techniques and tips, all aimed at getting you comfortable and confident with your new Canon 5D Mark IIISized to fit in a camera bag, the book includes a bonus gray and color checker card to help you capture perfect white balance and color every time.

Ideal reading for both amateur and professional photographers alike, you'll reference Canon 5D Mark III Digital Field Guide again and again.


Charlotte K. Lowrie is a professional stock, editorial, and portrait photographer and an award-winning writer. She is the author of 15 photography books, including the bestselling Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide and Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Field Guide. See more of her work at


Introduction xvi

CHAPTER 1 Roadmap to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1

Camera Controls Overview  2

Front of the camera  2

Top of the camera  4

Back of the camera  8

Side of the camera  11

Lens Controls Overview  13

Viewfi nder display  15

Quick Control screen  15

Camera menus  17

CHAPTER 2 Camera Setup and Image Playback 25

Setting Up Media Card Recording and Using Eye-Fi Cards  26

Managing dual media card recording  26

Working with Eye-Fi cards  28

Setting Image Quality and Processing RAW Images In-Camera  29

JPEG format  30

RAW capture  32


Processing RAW images in the camera  36

Improving Image Quality  38

Reducing digital noise in the camera  38

Correcting vignetting and color fringing  40

Working with Folders and File Numbering  42

Creating and selecting folders  42

Setting and changing fi le numbering  44

Customizing fi le names  44

Setting the fi le numbering method  46

Miscellaneous Setup Options  48

General setup options  48

Adding copyright information  54

Copying one or more images to the other media card  55

Image and Movie Playback Options  56

Image magnifi cation  58

Side-by-side image comparison  58

Image playback with Quick Control access  59

Searching for and moving through multiple images and movies  59

Protecting and Erasing Images and Movies  60

Erasing images and movies  60

Protecting images and movies  61

CHAPTER 3 Working with Exposure 63

Setting Exposure Objectives  64

Defining exposure goals  64

Practical exposure considerations  64

Choosing an Exposure Mode  67

Going fully automatic  67

Taking creative control  69

Program AE (P) mode  69

Shutter-priority AE (Tv) mode  71

Aperture-priority AE (Av) mode  75

Manual (M) mode  76

Bulb mode  79

Custom modes  79

Setting the ISO Sensitivity  80

Metering Light and Adjusting Exposures  83

Using metering modes  85

Evaluating exposures  88

Brightness histogram  89

RGB histogram  90

Modifying and bracketing exposures  91

Auto Lighting Optimizer  91

Highlight Tone Priority  93

Safety shift  94

Auto Exposure Lock  94

Exposure compensation  95

Auto Exposure Bracketing  97

Creative Exposure Techniques  99

Making multiple-exposure images  99

Setting up for Multiple exposure mode shooting  100

Shooting in Multiple exposure mode  103

Shooting HDR images  105

Selecting a Drive Mode  109

CHAPTER 4 Getting Sharp Focus 111

Understanding the Autofocus System  112

Cross-type sensors  112

High-precision and dual-cross-type sensors 112

Lens groups and available AF points  114

Setting Up and Using Autofocus  115

Choosing an autofocus mode and an AF point 115

Focusing with AF area selection modes  118

Focusing on Action  124

Using the AF Configuration tool  125

Adjusting Case parameters  128

Customizing Autofocus and Lenses  129

Autofocus functions  129

AF 2 menu  129

AF 3 menu  131

AF 4 menu  133

AF 5 menu  136

AF Microadjustment  137

CHAPTER 5 Getting Great Color 143

Working with Color  144

Choosing a Color Space  144

Comparing color spaces  145

Setting the color space  147

Setting the White Balance  148

Setting a Custom white balance  150

Setting a specific color temperature  153

Fine-tuning white balance  155

Using White Balance Auto Bracketing 155

Using White Balance Correction  156

Working with Picture Styles  157

Choosing and customizing Picture Styles  159

Registering a new Picture Style  162

Using the Picture Style Editor  164

CHAPTER 6 Customizing the EOS 5D Mark III 165

Exploring Custom Functions  166

Custom Function groupings  166

Custom Functions specifics  167

C.Fn1: Exposure  167

C.Fn2: Disp./Operation  171

C.Fn3: Others  177

Setting Custom Functions  178

Registering Custom Modes  179

Customizing My Menu  181

CHAPTER 7 Shooting in Live View 185

About Live View Shooting  186

Live View Features and Functions  187

Live View focus options  187

Aspect ratio  189

Exposure simulation  191

Silent shooting modes  192

Metering timer  193

Using a flash  193

Working with Live View  194

Setting up for Live View shooting  194

Shooting in Live View  195

CHAPTER 8 Making Movies 199

About Movies  200

Video standards  200

Video on the 5D Mark III  201

Setting Up for Movie Recording  205

Choosing the resolution and exposure mode  205

Menu setup  207

Shooting 4 menu options  208

Shooting 5 menu options  209

Focusing options  212

Setting the ideal shutter speed  213

Color, audio, and lighting settings  214

Recording Movies  215

Starting the recording  215

Playing back movies  218

Tips for better movies  219

CHAPTER 9 Working with Flash 221

Deciding Whether to Use Flash  222

Calculating Flash Exposure  222

Using E-TTL II Technology  224

Radio versus Optical Speedlite Systems  226

Comparing radio- and optical-based Speedlites  227

Multicamera remote shooting  229

Working with Speedlites  229

Setting flash options  229

Flash function settings  231

Flash exposure compensation  234

Flash exposure bracketing  236

Flash Exposure Lock  237

Setting Up Wireless Flashes  238

Using a one-light setup  239

Setting up multiple Speedlites  240

CHAPTER 10 Exploring Lenses and Accessories 245

Evaluating Lens Choices for the 5D Mark III 246

Types of Lenses  247

Zoom lenses  248

Prime lenses  249

Working with Different Types of Lenses  250

Wide-angle lenses  251

Telephoto lenses  253

Normal lenses  254

Macro lenses  256

Tilt-and-shift lenses  257

Image Stabilized (IS) lenses  258

Hybrid IS for macro shooting  261

Doing More with Lens Accessories  262

Lens extenders  262

Extension tubes and close-up lenses  264

APPENDIX A How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker 265

The Gray Card  265

The Color Checker  266

Glossary 267

Index 277