Be Brilliant Every Day
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From the authors of the bestselling The Art of Being Brilliant

We all have good days and bad days. Some days we’re on form, others we can’t really be bothered and feel a little lack lustre. No one enjoys those slump days – so let’s do away with them! The wonderful, uplifting and funny authors of the bestselling The Art of Being Brilliant are here to show us how to get motivated, get positive and get happy, and, most importantly, how to be all three consistently. Every single day. Using a solid understanding of positive psychology, but with clear visual illustrations, simple explanations and a bit of funny stuff, Be Brilliant Everyday shows us how to foster some serious positivity and mental agility and transform our lives. The book is crammed with practical tips to help us ditch those down days and flourish every single day.

  • How to live and breathe positivity everyday
  • Learn to be truly happy, confident and more effective
  • Become a great example to others and inspire those around you
  • How to cope and feel brilliant in a busy, demanding world


Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker are the bestselling authors of The Art of Being Brilliant. Andy Cope is a teacher, trainer, prolific and sought after speaker and even has a PhD in happiness. Seriously.  Andy Whitaker is a businessman, NPL trainer and part time stand-up comic. Together they run Art of Brilliance, a training company which works with businesses such as DHL, LloydsTSB, Pirelli, Ginsters, Alton Towers, Toyota, Waitrose, West Midlands Police, IKEA, and Astra Zeneca. Andy Cope, in his other life, is also the author of much loved children’s book series Spy Dog which has sold well over 1 million copies!


Andy and Andy’s Big Day Out Page 1

The Tinker Man Page 5

Forget ‘Self-improvement’, Try ‘Self-remembering’ Page 13

A Thoroughly Modern Maslow Page 21

Wired for Struggle? Page 35

Madonna, Queen and the Fat Lad Page 43

Your Inner Tortoise Page 51

Lift Off Page 57

Less Pain, More Gain Page 63

Indiana Jones, the Therapist Page 71

A Groundhog Life? Page 75

Happiness Terrorists Page 81

A Balancing Act Page 91

Cynical Thinking Page 97

Meet the Ancestors Page 105

The Invention of Happiness Page 113

Quantum Physics for Dummies Page 117

The Umwelt Page 127

Pooh Sticks Page 133

The Vendetta Page 141

Your Happiness Allowance Page 151

Mullets and Bananas Page 161

The Trauma of Being Zak Page 173

Home Sweet Home? Page 181

A Brief Interlude for Some ‘Mars and Venus’ Stuff Page 193

I’m Here, All Weak Page 197

Extraordinary’ as Standard Page 207

4000 Weeks… Page 221