What's Stopping You? - Why Smart People Don'tAlways Reach Their Potential and How You Can 2e
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More About This Title What's Stopping You? - Why Smart People Don'tAlways Reach Their Potential and How You Can 2e


A practical guide to attacking the most common of phobias: fear of failure

A practical guide to attacking the most common of phobias: fear of failure Since its publication in 2011, What's Stopping You? has offered readers a hard look at the quality of their careers and personal lives. For those who'd give themselves a solid "C+", this brutally honest guide to taking stock also offers the keys to self-improvement. By dismantling the fear inhibiting all achievement—fear of failure—author Robert Kelsey offers a set of seven steps designed to help readers map out their actions, and attain what once seemed elusive milestones.

Written for the frustrated underachiever or anyone who feels like one, this unique book addresses can the real obstacles hindering both professional and personal growth.

  • Includes a new chapter with tactics for overcoming a fear of failure
  • Explores methods for dealing with different types of people in a host of situations, such as getting a new job, pitching for new work, making presentations, or communicating clearly in an argument

With a Foreword by one of Britain's most successful businessman, Luke Johnson, this unique handbook to overcoming the most basic of fears is a must for anyone who would like to upgrade the quality of their life.


Robert Kelsey is author of Capstone's bestselling What's Stopping You? exploring why smart people failed to reach their potential. He has gone on to sell over 64,000 copies across three What's Stopping You? titles.
Robert Kelsey is CEO of Moorgate Communications, a financial PR agency, and was previously CEO of Metrocube, a start-up incubator located in London's fashionable "City-fringes". He trained as a financial journalist before becoming an investment banker and a now an entrepreneur, running his successful PR agency.
Yet Kelsey remains and perennial outsider. From a rebellious childhood to an adulthood of pursuing a series of unsuitable careers, he has had a lifetime of failing to settle into any group activities, yet lacking the confidence, guile or know-how to profitably "rebel". Kelsey has developed an enormous insight into both the root causes of alienation and the all-encompassing negative consequences.


Preface to the Second Edition ix

Foreword by Luke Johnson xiii

Introduction 1

Part One - What is Stopping You? 9

1 Fear 11

2 External Responses 28

3 Failure as a Positive Experience 43

4 Producing Better Responses 54

Part Two - Goals 61

5 Act 63

6 Visualization 72

7 Language and Behaviour 87

8 Appropriate Goal Setting for Recovering High-FFs 98

Part Three - Execution 107

9 Strategy and Tactics 109

10 Judgement and Ideas 123

11 Managing the Process 132

What’s Stopping You?

Part Four - People 149

12 Self-esteem 151

13 Dealing with the Boss 163

14 Progress as an Employee 172

15 Networking and Interviews 181

16 Leadership 194

Part Five - Me Inc. 209

17 The High-FF Entrepreneur 211

18 Alternative Paths for the High-FF 220

Conclusion - The Point of Recovery 233

Seven Steps to Navigating Fear of Failure 241

Bibliography 247

About Robert Kelsey 253

Index 255