Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors, Participant Workbook
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More About This Title Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors, Participant Workbook


If you are a first-time or an aspiring supervisor, the Stepping Up Participant Workbook will give you an accurate, real-life picture of what it means to be a supervisor. Stepping Up clearly explains the expectations for the position, the skills and knowledge you will need to be an effective supervisor, and offers a path to follow in order to successfully supervise others.

The Stepping Up Participant Workbook is a dynamic step-by-step series of learning strategies. Once you complete the Stepping Up workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of supervisor.
  • Effectively deal with the challenges that new supervisors face.
  • Implement the steps needed to get started as a new supervisor.
  • Apply the principles to build credibility as a supervisor.
  • Employ performance components when supervising.
  • Prepare a personalized road map to develop your supervisory knowledge and skills.

The Stepping Up Participant Workbook is your key to realizing your full potential.


Miki Lane is the founder of MVM Communications and a specialist in human performance improvement and instructional technology.

Wendy Shanken is a senior management consultant and trainer in multicultural communications and supervision.

Marilynne Malkin is a senior performance consultant for MVM Communications with years of experience managing and designing training projects.

Dennis Cavendish is a contractual writer who draws on his experience both as professional editor and writer in the area of business management.


Module 1: Introduction.

Module 2: The Role of the Supervisor.

Module 3: The Challenges You Face as a New Supervisor.

Module 4: Taking the First Step.

Module 5: Performance Components.

Module 6: Provide Clear Expectations: “I Know”.

Module 7: Enhance Ability: “I Can”.

Module 8: Promote Engagement: “I Want To”.

Module 9: Supervisory Competencies.

Module 10: Your Personalized Road Map.

Appendix 1: Development Worksheets.

Appendix 2: Developmental Strategies.