Michael Allen's e-Learning Library: Successful e-Learning Interface: Making Learning Technology Polite, Effective, and Fun
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More About This Title Michael Allen's e-Learning Library: Successful e-Learning Interface: Making Learning Technology Polite, Effective, and Fun


Michael Allen's e-Learning Library

Most e-learning that is produced for classroom training is created using instructional models that were introduced more than thirty years ago. To update design solutions for today's online learners, Michael Allen's e- Learning Library offers a review of the basics of instructional design and then lifts the lid on some common misconceptions that arise from what people think they know about ISD. Michael Allen's e- Learning Library is designed to help use time and resources effectively and to build the best e-learning experiences possible. Filled with illustrative examples, the book is pragmatic and contains easy-to-apply solutions.

Successful e-Learning Interface is the third book in the Michael Allen's e-Learning Library series. Using this hands-on resource will maximize your CEO impact—connect, empower, and orchestrate. You will understand how to connect with your learners, how to empower learners to make the most of e-learning's capabilities, and how to orchestrate learning events.

Praise for Michael Allen's e-Learning Library

"Once again Michael Allen has zeroed in on a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of e-learning development. This book sheds light on the importance of learner interface design, and offers readers clear guidelines for designing interfaces that support the learner and increase impact. It will be a valuable asset for any e-learning developer who is committed to producing truly world-class e-learning."
David Holcombe, president and CEO, The eLearning Guild and publisher, Learning Solutions Magazine

"With this easy-to-apply and practical book, Michael Allen raises the bar on creating exceptional e-learning experiences."
Lance Dublin, CEO and chief solution architect, Dublin Consulting

"Michael Allen continues to be a strong voice in the e-learning industry. The topics addressed in this book are especially timely, helping the creators of training appeal to a new generation of learners while addressing the concerns of more mature learning audiences."
Jennifer Hofmann, president, InSync Training and author, The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide and Tailored Learning: Designing The Blend That Fits


Michael W. Allen pioneered multimedia learning technologies, interactive instructional paradigms, and rapid-prototyping processes, bringing each forward into leading corporate enterprises. He is the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions Inc., a company that builds universally acclaimed custom e-learning, provides strategic learning consulting, and trains e-learning professionals in collaboration with ASTD. With a Ph.D. in educational psychology from The Ohio State University, he is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, a popular conference speaker, and a prolific writer.


About the Library Series iii

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword xiii

Preface xv

Part One: The Need for Learner Interface Design Excellence 1

Challenges: User Interface vs. Learner Interface 3

Chapter 1 Design Magic 13

Chapter 2 Introducing the CEO of LID 21

Chapter 3 CCAF 29

Part Two: Learner Interface Design Guidelines 45

Chapter 4 C Is for Connect 47

Chapter 5 E Is for Empower 67

Chapter 6 O Is for Orchestrate 85

Part Three: Good and Bad Influences 107

Chapter 7 Fatal Attractions 109

Chapter 8 Doing the Right Things Versus Doing Things Right 119

Part Four: Examples 143

Chapter 9 Examples 145

Challenges: UI vs. LI Answers 167

Learner Interface Design Guidelines 177

Index 213

About Allen Interactions Inc. 229

About the Author 230