The Grandparent Solution: Building a Family Team for Practical, Emotional, and Financial Success
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More About This Title The Grandparent Solution: Building a Family Team for Practical, Emotional, and Financial Success


The Grandparent Solution is a groundbreaking book that gives you the tools you need to build a “family team”¾the optimum family arrangement that offers your children loving support from their grandparents and gives you (busy and stressed-out parents) the practical and emotional support to do the best job possible. Based on more than thirty years of medical research, the book reveals how to overcome common barriers to creating your family team and offers specific guidelines and techniques to deal effectively with the many challenges you will face along the way. Dr. Kornhaber also stresses the importance of personal attitudes and values, of drawing the line between love and intrusiveness, and devotes special attention to help you find the appropriate degree of involvement for grandparents in helping you raise your child.


Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., is a child and family psychiatrist. He is the foremost authority on child-parent-grandparent relationships and a frequent contributor to the print and electronic media, including NBC’s Today show and CBS’s The Early Show. Dr. Kornhaber is a Life Fellow in the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the American Medical Association, and the American Psychiatric Association.


Tom Brokaw called Dr. Kornhaber “The Dr. Spock of Grandparenting.”

 “A very practical book for young parents—how to elicit and value the support grandparents can offer you and your family. All children deserve to have as many adults passionately in love with them as there are available.” --T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., professor of pediatrics, emeritus, Harvard Medical School

 “Dr. Kornhaber has done it again! The Grandparent Solution is a treasure of useful information, and the chapter on family diversity should be required reading. Thank you, Arthur.” --Betty DeGeneres, writer, activist, and mother of Ellen DeGeneres

 “The Grandparent Solution is the wisest, most practical guide to creating strong family connections any parent or grandparent could hope to find—from the doctor who first discovered the power of the three-generational family bond. Kornhaber is a national treasure.” --Kenneth L. Woodward, contributing editor, Newsweek